Las Grungas Massacre

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The Las Grungas Massacre was an incident that took place during a concert on January 18, 2002 in Las Grungas, Nirvana, Drewland. The roots of the incident dated back to just after the hanging of Skipper Roo. Henry J. Waternoose, the Straight King, Mario, and Twister Rodriguez were said to be the ones starting this incident according to an interview on the documentary Incidents of Drewland. The bands performing in the concert were Pearl Jam, Sponge, Tool, Bush, Silverchair, the Stone Temple Pilots, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. However, during Tool's performance of "Prison Sex", gunshots and explosions broke out. A total of thirty people were killed during the massacre, one of them being the cameraman recording the footage on Drewland television. As said by one fan, one of the killers "wore royal garments" and said, "Grunge sucks because it is so negative compared to glam metal and eurodance". Drewland police officers were notified, and the Straight King was arrested again. He was originally sentenced to life imprisonment without parole, but he managed to escape because Bentley the Unswell Yeti made him find a way.