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Madassgamer is a fairly old member of the Speakonia Community who began making Speakonia videos in 2009, his first being Drew pickles goes to a chik fil a. He is currently in association with former Oldschool Swellness, OSS Neo, and Former SwellDrewTube. He can rarely be seen on Skype, but he is usually trolling on ROBLOX with Mike5449.


Early Years

Madassgamer's first Speakonia video was "Drew pickles goes to a chik fil a" and has nearly 1000 Views over the course of four years. From there, he proceeded to make a few Pube Muppet videos and the first part to the Drew Pickles versus the Pube Muppet series. He continued to make Speakonia videos for two years and begn incorporating rant videos, including one on NEOVENO which may be seen here.