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Maid Marian was a member of Waternoose Incorporated, the Rusty Group, and the Black Market Industry, along with being an enemy to all homosexuals everywhere. She was like a Pube Muppet rip-off, because she also never got heterosexual satisfaction. Unlike other homophobes, she was actually obsessed with gay men like Drew Pickles, Pube Muppet, Robin Hood (Danny Cat's son), and Yogi Bear and wanted to turn them all straight and homophobic like she was. She was married to Danny Cat and Peter Pan, who she calls Robin Hood, though she had made many attempts to lobotomize the people mentioned above into joining Waternoose Incorporated and failed miserably. Sometimes, the shop keepers in Pube Muppet goes to videos use to threaten Pube Muppet and the rest of his Pubic Family that if they rape him, Drew Pickles, or the rest of the Barney Bunch, as well as Yogi Bear, Huckleberry Hound, and The Humongous Bunch he would summon Maid Marian to rape him and the other pubes. The Nega-Barney Bunch also used her as a threat to all gays. She also tried to join the Betty/Fergo Bunch because she thought it would be a whole bunch of homophobic women, but she turned them down when she discovered it was a group of lesbians. Her rivals were Slime Princess, who is a ripoff of Maid Marian, and OVA Belldandy, who was one of the Big 5 of the M-san Bunch, and also, until the return of the Second Herr, the only person who could permanently seal away Maid Marian's powers, which could prevent her from utilizing her black magic and/or resurrecting Danny Cat, thus eliminating her as a dire threat to the Barney and M-san Bunches. She was also capable of reviving and recreating male enemies of the Barney and M-san Bunches. Like Arachne and OVA Belldandy, she could only revive males; just like Arachne, physical combat and genjutsu were her main weaknesses, even though Marian was possible to decapitate and fed to Gyuki. Unlike Arachne, Maid Marian's magic was impossible to seal unless Danny Cat and his homophobic kids and lesbian daughters die first. According to Robin Hood, prior to betraying the M-san Bunch, she was the source of misandry, misogyny, and misanthropy.

Thankfully, in April, 2027, Maid Marian had met her end at the hand of the Second Herr of M-san Bunch, who used the power of the Medallion of the Almighty to seal away her powers and bypass her immortality, and his God-Slaying Blade to destroy her soul, thus permanently killing her. One month later, she was followed by her husband, Danny Cat, who was defeated, captured, and executed by Second Herr and Judge Doom, respectively.

Reactions from Others

Before Death

  • "Dat smirk on her face... I dislike what that cunt is plotting!" ~Katt, M-san Bunch
  • "I really don't give a shit if she's a goddess, it just means I can skull-fuck and/or kill her as many times as I like!" ~Sheriff of Nottingham, M-san Bunch
  • "Is this the cunt who's been giving AssKicker a hard time? Ha! You got to be kidding me! I'll exterminate this bitch before the day is through!" ~Renji, M-san Bunch
  • "Oh, I'm going to kill that misandric cunt of a vixen! Nobody kills my Taylor-kun, banishes his soul, gets away with it, and lives! Not on my watch!" ~Sailor Mars, M-san Bunch
  • "I may have been slain at her hand once, but that will never happen again! Next time I see her, she's dead!" ~AssKicker77/Second Herr, M-san Bunch
  • "It's insane how this 'foxy witch' was able to extract my best friend's soul! Thank goodness for my members..." M-san/First Herr, M-san Bunch
  • "Maid Marian is now my Gold-Digging Cunt Mother is with my fucked up mangina father." ~Robin Hood
  • "Oh, God, it is impossible to seal her powers, I know that she is the source of misandry." ~Robin Hood
  • "To know that she supports that traitor who also fooled me; that's so infuriating!" ~OVA Urd
  • "If they rewrite the Bible, they really need to add this cunt into it. I swear she's the closest living thing to the Anti-Christ!" ~Zaku Abumi

After Death

  • "At long last, Maid Marian has been slain by my hand. Now that she's gone, I doubt we'll have any trouble putting Danny Cat down for good!" ~AssKicker77/Second Herr, after he had killed MM
  • "Good riddance. It's about time someone put that bitch out of her misery!" ~Renji Abarai
  • "Right on, Taylor! The world will be a better place now that misandric cunt of a vixen is dead!" ~Zaku Abumi
  • "Well done, my lord." ~Mark
  • "Taylor... No wonder you were on such a high level of honor, even higher than me..." ~Rai
  • "Lord Otohime, you did far beyond exceptional; I can see that you've gotten stronger." ~Entei
  • "Oh, my sweet gentleman, I knew you could do it! I'm so glad to have you as my husband! (kisses Taylor)" ~Orihime Soletta
  • "Nice one, Tay-kun! Perhaps I could reward you with a nice blowjob this evening." ~OVA Urd
  • "Oh, Tei! (Kisses him) That's my dear ass-kicker!" ~Sue, the Bisexual Suicune
  • "Oh, Taylor! I'm so proud of you." ~Finn
  • "Excellent work, Second Herr, although I would have preferred it if you let me "dip" her." ~Judge Doom
  • "So, that goddamn boy took down Maid Marian? Fuck you, patriarchy!" ~Millie Twat, "Spokeswomen of Hell"
  • "Yes, the same goddamn boy who I 'should have killed a long time ago'." ~Arca, prior to having her soul saved from damnation and revised to meet the Arcanines' ethics.
  • "My n*gga, you's one heck of a warrior, getting that Marian hoe dead with yo dope equipment. Brutha, you's a king for sure!" ~Melee Falco
  • "Mother...?" ~Robin Hood
  • "No! Marian! What has that misogynistic bastard Taylor done to you?!" ~Danny Cat lamenting over MM's death