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Welcome to the Barney Bunch Wiki! Home to swellness related facts that regard the Barney Bunch, their allies, their enemies, and even some of the Speakonia video makers themselves.

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July. 31, 2016
HOLY SHIT, ANOTHER UPDATE! Is this a good omen?

Well, perhaps. First I'd like to mention one of my colleagues archived the previous update for purposes regarding the importance of the message, but I personally would like to leave another because, well, reasons outlined below.

Now, I have gotten some negative flack for the last update I left, telling me that I'm committing a "No True Scotsman" fallacy despite me outlining that every character DOES have a certain way in which they act, but let's not get reality involved. In fact, the purpose was to tell others to build up their characters and make them recognizable in their own way, and to play off of individualized traits. It wasn't to tell people that the characters can only be a part of Speakonia canon if they follow the strict rules. That only applies to being a member of a particular bunch. However, I digress, I have something better to talk about anyways.


Recently I've been checking out Facebook and doing conversions to a project that clearly lacks enough motivation to get done, and I've come across a Barney Bunch page. I mean, there's the group, yes, but then there's the page on Facebook which I have liked because I do support our content. However, what I found incredibly JARRING (and members of OSS agree with me as well on the jarring-ness) is the political agenda underneath the majority of newer posts.

Let me be the first to say, the Barney Bunch does not give a figurative FUCK about your politics, they only give literal fucks. Drew Pickles and the other Barney Bunch characters would literally take a shit on the candidates, and as we know due to what is ESTABLISHED, rape the men and beat up the women. What's more, the Barney Bunch would not support a woman. No, even if she supports homosexuality, the best she gets is being shit on, the worst she gets is being shit on and beaten to death by penises.

"That is TOTALLY not BB. Unless Hillary is really a tranny (which has already been done countless times back in '09) that doesn't work. Even then, Drew shits on everything and everyone. Litterally."



That being said, I'm going to be relentless in updating from now on. Not to say I'll be doing a lot more edits over the next days (I might, being that Master Ronald is giving me a few days off from keeping the place clean.) but I'm going to be visiting a lot of the pages that need work or need revisions to make them correct with established lore. I'll also be compiling a list of pages that NEED help. Like, actual help.

What you guys can do to help out is message me on my talk page of pages you guys think need help. If I think it needs help and the associates also think it needs help, I'll add it to the list. I'll add to this list every day over the next few days, so be sure to check back often.

Overall, though, the Barney Bunch and Speakonia videos in general aren't a platform for politics - they are a platform for parodies and entertainment, for trolling and satirizing the crap that people take too seriously.

--~Mike5449~(Contact) 15:10, 31 July 2016 (UTC)

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