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Nov. 03, 2016
Another update, this one is more... somber.

Today is my last day doing anything related to the Barney Bunch.

Like, no, really. I, Mike5449, am now retiring for good. I'm not doing so out of malice, fear, or whatever the fuck. I'm doing so because I do not feel as though I need to be here anymore, as though I should be here anymore. No, I'm not being an emo faggot either, shut up.

I first learned about the Speakonia Community in fourth grade, I grew up always admiring them. After joining and having a brief period of uploads I have just been hanging out with the few community members that remained, and now many of them are only former members. It's sad, looking at what once was, but I love this community nonetheless. I want you all to know that you are the future of the Speakonia Community. It's dead, yes, and people will always hate us. After all, we're trolls at heart. We've always been trolls. However, I leave it up to you to decide what you want the future of this community to be. You all have a choice. You can let it remain dead, by all means, you can let it die a slower death by maintaining the status quo, or you can make new videos, experiment, piss off more people, and continue to mask it as a parody. This I leave to you. If the autists come to vandalize the place, give em' hell, as only dumb autists would care about the shit we do anyways, given the current standing of the community.

Make your place, do it right, and have fun with it. That is what I hope to see from you. I did rollbacks on the vandals, and now all you need to do is make Speakonia great again.

Although our community is dead, you'll find me with the Forkheads.

--~Mike5449~(Contact) 15:37, 3 November 2016 (UTC)

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