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Mario (born June 9, 1957) is a homophobic man and a member of Waternoose Incorporated and Rusty and Rosy and Friends. He recently found out his brother was gay, so now Mario despises his brother Luigi. Mario has been an anti-gay bigot all his life and has a very strong opinion against homosexuality, his quote "God hates fags." goes along with his Christian beliefs. Mario might be bisexual, but treats women much better than men. He is also a known gangsta rapper, being huge from 1992 to 1996.

Alleged Gay Bashing

Mario has been alleged of bashing many gays whenever one came near him, however these claims aren't true, because Mario has claimed himself to be "a very mellow man" who doesn't hurt anyone. However that is a lie and there have been incidents of Mario bashing gays and Mario has been charged. He started doing gay bashing back in the early '90s while he was also doing some gangsta rap.

Mario's Unswell Gallery