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Mewtwo a member ofThe Humongous Bunch. His favorite b*tt-buddy is Insane Gus because they are both psychopaths who love pain. He joined, because his cock is 150,000 miles long and he's gayer than Drew Pickles and Yogi Bear. He has powers and can read anyone's mind. He calls himself the gayest Pokemon in the world, since he is one of the only Pokemon who can talk and read minds. He once had a bad habit of calling most people who aren't in The Humongous Bunch a pathetic coward, but The M-san Bunch had at least two members with bigger penises than him. He especially hates Mew out of every other Pokemon. Unlike most Humongous Bunch members, Mewtwo is not an enemy of The M-san Bunch, but he and Parasect are actually very good friends since Parasect beat him in a battle...somehow... His penis size is above average compared to Johnny Test's, who is among the Creepy R3T@RDED Kid Club. He calls the Nega-Barney Bunch "a group of pathetic glass-jawed pussies without balls", because he feels that they're almost as unoriginal as a Sonic/MLP recolor. Surprisingly, Mewtwo serves in "Der Führer's Army", but does not participate in battles with the Barney Bunch and/or Humongous Bunch. So, he goes after the Kunoichi/Fergo/Betty Bunch(es).