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Michael Myers (born October 19, 1957) is a member of the Barney Bunch. He is an actor, director, author and was a serial killer. Every heterosexual he kidnaps, he converts into homosexuals including Daniel Tiger II, Snoopy, Robbie Rotten, etc

Early life

Michael Audrey Myers waa born on October 19, 1957 in Haddonfield, Illinois and was the second child in the Myers family. Sadly, on October 31, 1962, dressed up as a clown, Michael murdered his older sister Judith for having straight sex with her boyfriend. He was sent to a mental institution and later went on a killing spree on Halloween of 1978. After getting shot on the same night, Michael fell into a coma for six days, until two paramedics saved his life. Then, after his coma he was cured from being evil but raped Dr. Loomis to have gay sex.


In 1984, Michael was released and decided to go into the porno business. His best works includes films Jason XXX (2001), The Gay Knight (2008) and his autobiography Growing Up Myers: I Was The Proto Evil Clown (2016).

His first film was Wet Dreams on Elmer's Street and recieved positive reviews from Drew Pickles.

Personal life

Michael currently lives on his massive penis yacht in an affluent neighborhood called Piss Angeles in Drewland since 1999. He married The Joker in 2002.