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Modern Robotnik Claus (sometimes abbreviated to MRC) is a member of the Barney Bunch. He is a bisexual prison fetishist who loves shitting under the Christmas trees of naughty children he would later molest. Like Classic RobotnikClaus, MRC gets off to anything (including rape, bestiality, underage childern, etc.), except Banjo-Kazooie, which they consider sacred. Due to most notably killing a family, promoting drug use, and receiving rimjobs in public, MRC will never be among the Nonsexist Bunch.


  • Instead of urine, he urinates corrosive acid...
    • ...Which he and CRC get off to, just like with anything that isn't .
  • MRC is more-so homosexual than bisexual, but apparently bisexual at heart.
  • In "You're a Mean Bean, Robotnikclaus", Modern Classic Robotnik Claus is hinted to be a racist who doesn't consider blacks as people.