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Moon Man (not to be confused with Mac Tonight) (b. January 21, 1839) is one of the most hated organisms in the universe. He was born on January 21, 1839 to a slave-holding father and a pro-slavery mother in a plantation in Mississippi. He's a very racist and misanthropic moon, and he is also a member of Waternoose Incorporated. Many Speakonia groups don't want anything to do with him because he's way too mean and racist.

Moon Man was a failed McDonalds Mascot from the '80s, who hates on people of color, gays, women (occasionally) and many many more. The M-san Bunch has avoided affiliation with him, because of his misanthropic attitude. His catchphrase is "KKK, KKK, KKK!". He is a member, affiliate, and supporter of the Ku Klux Klan (which probably explains why he always says "KKK" frequently). The only good thing about him, is that he makes good Moon Pies, although that doesn't justify his long record of hateful speech and slurs. He even says KKK when he's on the toilet. He is also a Civil War veteran, who fought for the South obviously.


  • "KKK, KKK, KKK!" ~(This is featured in just about any Moon Man video.)
  • "The South shall rise again!"
  • "Vote five faggot, and I'm out of here!" ~Moon Man, Notorious KKK
  • "Tell your friends to subscribe and suck a dick." ~Moon Man, Feminism

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