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File:The avatar of some faggot troll.png
NEOVENO's avatar, since he faps to Mario while shoving Wiimotes up his ass.

NEOVENO is a Canadian troll who invaded the Speakonia Community in October of 2010. He is known for horribly-made YouTube videos, liking things because they're popular, being a hypocrite, and being fucked by his two gay dads and faggot uncle every night. One of his two gay dads is Screw Pickles, and his uncle is the Pube Muppet. The second dad is still unknown but is believed to be The Irape Gamer.

To this day, he still trolls very rarely, and although the original NEOVENO account is still up, there are some alt accounts that exist. The alt accounts are NEOVENOLEGACY (Closed), NEOVENOReturns (Closed), and finally, Neovenoreborn (still active) He also used an account called NIAVENO for more trolling prior to it being terminated.

He is currently pregnant with trigintaplets (about 30 babies) and the fathers are;
NEOVENO in real life. This picture was taken after one of his nightly ass rapings.

There has been debate among the "fathers" who are the real ones.

One more thing to note: If he says he's nice, then that's bullshit.


Birth and family

His origins date back to year 69 B.C, he is one of the quadruplets who were shat out at birth by the Irate Gamer. His twin brothers are Swellnomore, Speakoniaregulator and EndSpeakoniaForKids. His two fathers are The Irape Gamer and Screw Pickles who were also brothers which means that all of his fathers are uncles. However, it is quite unclear.