Nefera de Nile

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Nefera de Nile is a member of The Girlsored Bunch. She is the wife of Dark Bones. They got married on November 10, 2013. She is very rich and usually takes stuff from her younger sister Cleo de Nile. She wears the latest fashions before anyone else. She used to be a model before she got kicked out. She gets everything her way. She has been dating Dark Bones since August 4, 2013. Dark Bones helps her get everything she wants. They both want to kill his brother Red Bones, because he's gay. They also want to ban Barney Bunch, Humongous Bunch, and Pube Muppet videos from YouTube. They also want to ban Red Bones' favorite shows, because she thinks that they are not funny and inappropriate, and also thinking that they treat women horribly (see the textbook definition of opinion).

Fun fact: Even if The M-san Bunch had a strip club, she wouldn't be allowed to be in it (Girlsored Bunch members are banned from ALL MsB aspects).