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Odlaw portrait.jpg

Odlaw is a member of the Barney Bunch. Many people believe him to be a gay evil twin of Waldo, but this is false. Odlaw is actually the genuine unique person, whereas Waldo is the evil one, but still a member of The Barney Bunch.

His appearances in the Books


Waldo is constantly being harassed by this faggot, but he doesn't really care actually. When Odlaw follows Waldo, he always makes sure to put on his favorite yellow striped shirt (Which was originally all black, but Odlaw kept pissing on it) so that Waldo could find him easily. When they found each other, they would 69 until Wizard Whitebeard would appear and remind them of the scrolls. But Waldo and Odlaw do not lke being interrupted, so they raped him instead.