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The following is a list of pages that need the help of users like you, as well as an idea of what you can do to help these pages. Please be sure to check out the writing guide first, do any necessary research, and then do all of your writing. Note that this list is STILL being compiled.

Pages That Need Help

Pwned Pages

These pages were deleted because there was NOTHING potential about them or weren't noteworthy... Or the writers broke one of the rules about article writing as outlined in the writing guide. Reasons for deletion are listed. Feel free to adopt one and make it worthwhile if you want. A big reason we delete bad articles as well is to make room for quality articles. Of course, Speakonia isn't fine art or anything, but we'd like some semblance of order.

  • The LJN Logo: Not substantial. Not even a character. Unfunny.
  • New Pickles: Nobody knows about him and he adds nothing to the established canon? What's the point then? Our wiki is not your fucking trash bin.
  • Female Drew Pickles: Thanks for butchering the English language. This could actually work, like a female counterpart of Drew, who is still a separate being from Drew... Which kind of invalidates the whole death thing...
  • Havfruen: Drewland is omnilinguistic. It's just that the main language is English. The article is pointless anyways since it's so insubstantial.
  • BARNEY IS GAY: No shit. Moving on.
  • Page: This is literally the Shrek page. It was made back when we didn't have the writing guide and people fucked up when making new pages.