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Panty is a member of The Nega-Fergo Bunch. She and her sister Stocking are a bit different from other Nega-Fergo Bunch members because they are not 100% homophobes. She [Panty] is bisexual, but the reason why she joined is because she's a sex addict who also likes to have sex with men. Scanty and Kneesocks, two heterosexual Demon/ess sisters, are true homophobes, but in real life don't hate Panty or Stocking, because they are at least bisexual. She also has a foot fetish.

People She's Had Sex With

  • Gaterbelt
  • Rape-It Roger (almost killed her because she is a girl and he hates girls and he fixed his cock afterwards)
  • Nega Drew Pickles and most of the other Negas too
  • Frollo (Bisexual man in the Barney Bunch, after a failed recreation by Nega Drew Pickles.)
  • Mario
  • The Bisexual Blastoise
  • Dry Bones
  • Danny Cat
  • The Ketchum Clan
  • Hagrid (Harry Potter)
  • The Censored Bunch
  • Briefers Rock (This likely makes her an ephebophile.)
  • Leonardo the Arcanine (He rapes her frequently.)

Her relationship with the M-san Bunch

She used to come over to "hang out" with the Bisexual Blastoise, because both of them have had "pleasurable times". After rule 34 of Panty and Stocking sharing incestuous moments leaked, she lost her alliance.


  • The rule 34 of Panty and Stocking being incest freaks is, as the former calls it, "fanart", as opposed to official.
    • However, Panty is probably hiding the truth about her incestuous ways.