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Pipsqueak is a member of the Barney Bunch and the Bambi Bunch. He has 3 brothers: Featherweight, Rumble and Shady Daze. Their cocks are 27 miles long. Pipsqueak was born in 10069 BC, after the Ice Age. By that time, Featherweight was 7 years old, Shady Daze was 5, and Rumble was 3. Since there were no electronics, they had ti make sex dolls out of animal skin. Their cocks would get shaved and raw. Years later, they switched from raping skins to raping many male animals, and it was swell like hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. When their parents found out they were raping the animals, they sent them off to a college to become (hahaha cum) an artist to stop raping everyone. But that did not stop them; they raped everyone and everything in the college. In 10040 BC, they went in a huge canoe p, but then they were frozen. In 1998, someone found them, and they were alive! So they gang-raped him. They were raped by Drew Pickles and they became Barney Bunch members.