Princess Molestia

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PokeStuds; gotta rape 'em all!
Princess Molestia alternate mane color.png

Princess Molestia is a member of The Nega-Fergo Bunch. She likes to try to have sex with every male pony she sees, which sadly is by force in most cases. She hates the regular Celestia, who she calls "Princess Incestia", due to the latter's fetishism for same-sex incest by two or more females. She has two different manes that change color. The colors are Celestia's hair color and a plain pink. She also wants to have sex with Drew Pickles, but Nega Drew is the perfect substitute for her. Her next rape victim interest might be The Bisexual Blastoise, since she has a fetish for water Pokemon. But there's that male, bisexual Charizard, who can lactate... So many choices for her... She also joined "Der Führer's Army", because The M-san Bunch has a mostly male army.


  • After word spread that Molestia is a rapist, date rapist, and gang-rapist, which she admitted, she was blacklisted by the Nonsexist Bunch, lost her position in the army for necrophilia with dead male troops of both sides during one of the wars, and lost her alliance with the M-san Bunch for "colt porn" being found on her "cheese pizza slave", a laptop she uses to cook pizza (due to its overheating nature) and search "CP".
  • Princess Molestia is an extremely zoophilic rapist.