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"Herr, since Applejack and Pinkie Pie have joined, can I please join as well?" ~Rarity wanting to join The M-san Bunch, but ended up getting denied when she was on her period at the same time.

Rarity (b. Dec. 20, 1995) is a bisexual member of The Betty Bunch. She uses her fabrics as tampons whenever she has her periods. She joined, because many of the male characters she loved like Spike, Big Macintosh, Donut Joe, Prince Blueblood, and Fancypants were gay. She's also one of the bitchiest members of The Betty Bunch, which annoys just about anyone (it's so bad, that not even The M-san Bunch could handle it). Never fuck with her during her period, or else your ears will be ringing for a long time. Despite Rarity's flaws and dominant nature, her philandry is worth noting (this almost makes up for her bitchy moments). Due to the bitchiness being so annoying, she is a small, bisexual ally of The M-san Bunch. Her main rival is Nightmare Rarity of The M-san Bunch, who can be either a non-human anthro, or a human-like anthro with a milky, H-cup bust ready to be milked 24/7. Most things about Nightmare Rarity heavily outweigh the likeliness of Rarity being able to join, especially appeal-wise. Her fabrics are the only redeeming quality exclusive to her, since Nightmare Rarity is obsessed with her own lactating H-cup breasts during her human-like anthro form. She's seen as a Barney Bunch enemy

Her Barely Elegant Gallery

"I swear, if only I had my human form with me..." ~Rarity wishing that she can frequently transform into a human, just like her rival.
Rarity and her friend Twilight Sparkle as humans
Rarity's outfits
Rarity in her wedding ceremony outfit