Red Paratroopa

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Red Paratroopa is a MAJOR enemy of the Barney Bunch. He is a member of Waternoose Incorporated, The Rusty Group, and the Censored Bunch. Like the Boomerang Bro he is also a very unswell but gnarly koopa. He wants to destroy every single grunge radio station in Drewland and put in some unswell hair metal. He is one of the people responsible for destroying the Tivoli of Drewland and attempting to destroy the Drewsic Theater on September 24, 2013. He flies and has captured two Barney Bunch members, so be careful! He puts them in cages and sends them to Rainbow Road. He also has koopa slaves that try to attack everyone and warp their minds. He is also a big ally of the '80s Clan, that's why he loves hair metal so much. His favorite unswell bands are Leatherwolf and Whitesnake. He was a worker at BOOM 990 until it fell down to Drewland and became SNDG 269. His #1 enemies are the members of Soundgarden, Kurt Cobain, and Ripper Roo. He now works at the Rainbow Road Bakery.