Richard Watterson

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Richard Watterson is a member of The Barney Bunch. He's Gumball's gay dad, who's exactly why his ex-wife is sucking dicks in The M-san Bunch. He likes to go on junk food sprees and eat all of the junk food, then poop it all out. He likes to rape Gumball and Darwin when he gets horny. He's also a sumo wrestler because of all of the fat in his body. He also likes to have gay sex with Gil from Monster High, because Gil started to become a fan of The Amazing World of Gumball when he started watching it and he thought that Richard Watterson was the sexiest character. Some of the stuff he's done include; thinking that he ran over Santa, pretending that a fake plastic toy wand from a cereal box has real magic, and eating Gumball and Darwin's homework. Because he is a pedophile and one of the worst father figures from British animation, the Nonsexist Bunch has put him on their blacklist.