Ripper Roo

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Ripper Roo
Ripper Roo.jpg
“You are crazier than me! Have a cock. Good luck, you'll need it!”
Personal Information
Birthday: November 9, 1966 (age 50)
Zodiac: Scorpio
Occupation: Pedophile, talk show host, secretary, nitro crate maker, radio station worker and owner
Residence: Drewland
Nationality: American (birth), Drewish, N-Sanityish
Heritage: Dutch
Orientation: Homosexual
Groups: The Barney Bunch
Origin: Crash Bandicoot
Penis Size: 250 miles long

Ripper Roo (aka The Testicle Kangaroo or Dr. Roos) is a major member of the Barney Bunch. He was born on November 9, 1966 as Robert Roos and was born as an accident when a random Dutch male went high and his cum accidentally went to a flower woman in February of 1966 (she was picking flowers to donate them to America). He is the gayest kangaroo to ever exist. Despite the woman being from the Netherlands, she quickly fled with her flowers to America to help "make love, not war". He started making pornos in 1985 along with Ronald McDonald. They both actually starred in the same porno and became very,very famous for it. He has four testicles. Back in the '70s, he would masturbate to his Ken Doll every single minute. Then in 1983, his dick grew so large that N.Sanity Island was destroyed. He then became friends and butt-buddies with The C-3PO Fag-bot. On January 25, 1997, he started his own show on Logo called Ripper Roo, even though an older version of the show called The Ripper Roo Show running on Drewland TV stations. He hasn't been exposed in many Barney Bunch videos. He murdered a bunch of Waternoose Incorporated members in 2008.

Other Swell History

Since 1992, he owns and works at a radio station called RPR 960. However, on October 5, 2013, the original headquarters in Drewland was blown up by Rosalina in Las Grungas, Nirvana. The new HQ was moved to Angel Island, Tailsedge.


  • His eyes may appear like a spiral, but they are actually blue.
  • He was once known as "Stripper Roo", but he sadly no longer strips, after a strip club accident where his thong caught on a dildo and he accidentally fell, although he still does swell private lap-dances after quitting the gay strip club he used to work for. After recovering from the injuries from the accident, he pursued gay prostitution, and earns well over 69-thousand Drewland dollars frequently throughout most of his business months.
  • Despite being a Kangaroo, he is actually not Australian at all.