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Rosalina is a member of the Girlsored Bunch and The Rusty Group. She, like Hayden Panettiere, wants to get rid of every single grunge Drewland radio station and replace it with Eurodance and hair metal. Her boyfriends are Mario and Dr. Neo Cortex, and they do anything for each other. She has also had s*x with Boomerang Bro. She was born over 10,000 years ago, yet her birthday was known to be December 17th according to many. She was one of the people responsible for destroying Ripper Roo's RPR 960 Grunge Radio Station (Drewland's fourth most successful grunge radio station) on October 5, 2013 and the Tivoli of Drewland 11 days earlier. The main reason that she destroyed RPR 960 is mainly because they were playing "Heart Shaped Box" for the 4th time that day, so she and her crew decided to destroy it. Her #1 enemies are Ripper Roo and Kurt Cobain. She is now angry that BOOM 990 got destroyed and fell down from Rainbow Road and went to Drewland. Though she may look like an innocent Rainbowite princess in the outside, she is pure evil in the inside.