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Santa taking a shit in a chiminey
Santa is a member of The Barney Bunch. He is also an ally to other gay people that are aloud homosexual satisfaction like Yogi Bear and Huckleberry Hound. He gives nothing to Pube Muppet and the other Pubes because they are not aloud to have homosexual satisfaction. On Christmas he gives presents to all of the gay people that are aloud to have homosexual satisfaction. He lives on a snowy mountain in Drewland that's even taller than Mount Everest which he calls The North Pole. He became a member because Drew Pickles raped him  as well as the male elves and reindeer at the North Pole. He told Pube Muppet that when he was singing Christmas Carols at the North Pole to spread the joy of Christmas "Stop right there Pube Muppet, you are not going to sing another boring Christmas Carol, because your singing and lyrics are very stupid. Oh and by the way, I already raped Santa and he's in his workshop making me more dildis for my infinite dildis collection". He also likes to take a shit in homophobes and most enemy chimneys, He has to give Pube Muppet nothing because he'd also know that Pube Muppet loves love to eat the shit from the chimeny. He does give Pube Muppet though Playboy Magazines, girl stuff, and female/straight porn. The Homophobes and The Women also have their own Santa Clause because they also want presents for Christmas, and they made clones ever since Drew has raped the original Santa. He has used the Maid Marian threat before on Pube Muppet when he and the rest of his family were going to rape Drew and he said that If he rapes him, Drew, and his male elves and reindeer, Maid Marian would emidately rape him.