Seductive Celestia

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"M-san, I won't bite..." -SC "I've already got a mate, thanks very much!" -M-san

Seductive Celestia is a member of The Nega-Fergo Bunch. She's a very horny "alicorn" who likes heterosexual sex and looking at porn of stallions, especially the bisexual Spirit (Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron). She has had sex with straight and bisexual men who have gotten horny from seeing her, including zoophiles and furries, but especially manchildren, bronies, and cloppers. Because of her libido, she's desperate for sex all the time, as well as the #1 alicorn prostitute in the whole world who is heterosexual.

She's a proud M-san Bunch ally, because it consists of so many guys for her to "associate" with. Her favorite woman among The M-san Bunch to speak with happens to be OVA Urd, who loves men just as much as she does. Her always-increasing libido fuels a high amount of her magical powers, which was strong enough for her to join "Der Führer's Army", as well as help her transform into a human or anthropomorphic equine with huge, lactating breasts.)