Seductive Princess Luna

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Panties and stockings for luna by jungleanimal-d4o34ad.png

Seductive Princess Luna is a member of The Nega-Fergo Bunch. She goes around trying to be sexy all of the time. She especially likes to have sex during night. She is the sister of Seductive Celestia and they both can be very horny around men, especially human men who are into bestiality, too. She likes to have men cum on her panties from masturbating to and/or with her. Her favorite "mate" is M-san, for some unexplained reason...


  • Seductive Princess Luna often transforms into a human or an anthropomorphic mare 'complete' with two legs, arms, and lactating F-cup breasts.
    • However, this is reserved only for M-san.
  • Like Seductive Celestia, she hates incest...
    • ...With the only exception being heterosexual, consensus incest.
  • Luna is one of the only equines to lactate consistently in her various three forms.