Shitty the Cat

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Shitty the Cat is a member of the Barney Bunch. He is a cat who loves scat and he loves to do it every day. But; and this is a big but (hemaha butt): Shitty is the 2nd best rim-job giver in the Barney Bunch, only succeeded by Drew Pickles. But, Shitty is also heavily obsessed on anal sex, always preferring didlis up his bum as he eats fresh diarrhea. He is also quite partial to eating dirty diapers, as evidenced by his #1 rap single (featuring Bruno Mars, for some reason).

Some of his best butt buddies are The Jewish Monkey, who cons him out of his money (but gets paid back when buttsecks is involved), Bubibinman the scat-loving fly, and, if he's been a good scat-muncher, Drew Pickles himself.


  • In each "fan-dubbed" episode of "Shitty the Cat", he is shot and a stock sound effect plays in the scene immediately afterward(s). Sometimes he even says a funny phrase, like "That's the luck of the draw, HEURGH!" (in the case of "The Big Lawsuit") or "I should have put poop in my bath like I demanded, HEURGH!" (in the case of "Double Trouble").
  • Shitty the cat has a shadow 'double' who often forgets to add fecal matter to his bath so they can have an orgy and swim in shit.