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Smudger ("born" January 16, 1918) is a member of the Barney Bunch and one of Edward the Gay Engine's best butt-buddies. He is a very gay narrow gauge engine who loves to have stinky sweaty gay buttsex orgies with Thomas, Edward, and Drew Pickles, shove his 69-mile long "funnel" into the assholes of gay men, as well as little boys, and vandalize homophobic establishments such as Burger King, Chick Fil A, and the Westboro Baptist Church by smashing slate wagons into them. He gets his name Smudger because he loves giving gay men Cleveland steamers and smudging the creamy shit all over their chests with his coal bunker, which is actually his ass. He is also a huge fan of The Village Boiz and Blame!.

He originally worked on the Mid-Sodor Railway until he was turned into a generator by the homophobic manager as a punishment for constantly raping Duke, Falcon (Sir Handel), and Stuart (Peter Sam). In 1997, 50 years after his railway went bankrupt and closed down in 1947, he was discovered by Drew Pickles, who found him at the back of an abandoned shed while on vacation to Sodor. He was then repaired, rebuilt, and initiated into the Barney Bunch.

His best butt-buddies, besides Edward, are Skarloey (despite him a bisexual among the M-san Bunch), Sir Handel, Peter Sam, Duncan, Bertram, Mighty Mac, Caillou, Naruto Uzumaki, Lu Meng, Squidward Testicles, and Ilosovic Stayne.

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