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Snozzle Wobbleson is a member of The Barney Bunch. He runs the Drewland Market, and charges decent, to good, to swell prices. He actually has gelatin for his outer layer of flesh the inside is a weird cabbage. His b*tt buddies are Krang (despite being an enemy), Guan Yu, Borat, and Gourmand. He is not only a shop owner, but also a chef that cooks swell food. He wields four p*nises which are uncensored because he fools people by calling them worms or tentacles. Sometimes,he even has five of them. Most of his products are shipped out to other regions of the world, although for expensive prices. He hates Marcel Toing, since he is an idiot.


  • Katsuma Krunch
  • Edamoshi Peas
  • Bongo Colada
  • Roarberry Cheesecake
  • Cuban Pete Suprise
  • Mr Tea
  • Mice Krispies
  • Tentacle Temaki
  • Essence of Blue
  • Slop
  • A** Burgers
  • Cloud Castle Ice Cream Sandwich
  • Sludge Fudge
  • Gloop Jellybean
  • Slop
  • Slime Ricky
  • Toad Soda
  • Slopcorn
  • Bug Juice
  • Snail Ale
  • Swirlberry Muffin
  • Bangers And Mash
  • Chocolate Coated Broccoli
  • Bleergsheys Finest Chocolates
  • Mutant Sprout
  • Eggplant
  • Garlic Marshmellow
  • Sunshine Berries
  • Gelatin D*ngler (he crafts a p*nis with his own supply of pure testosterone; an M-san Bunch favorite!)
  • Green Sh*t
  • C*mmy Jelly Bean
  • Ketchup Jelly Bean
  • Crab And Jelly Sandwich
  • Quenut Buttersandwich
  • Barfmallows
  • Lolliplop
  • C*mmy Bears
  • Drewcakes: Cabbage
  • Spicey Dragon Rolls
  • Cup O Gruel
  • Mr.Tea 
  • Jelly Baked Beans
  • Carton of Sour Milk
  • Rat Tail Spaghetti
  • Sludge Fudge
  • Gloop Soup
  • Eyescream Sundae
  • Drewcakes: Mint
  • Mice Krispies
  • Pumkin Chowder
  • Drewcakes: Curry
  • Starlight Cookies
  • Sp*rmy Chilli
  • Drewcakes: Cu*ummyber
  • Fly Trap Salad
  • Roast Beast
  • Drewcakes: SweetCorn
  • Slug Slurp Slushie
  • Trashcan Suprize
  • Eye Pie
  • Fango Mandango
  • DrewCakes: Saffron
  • Pop Rox
  • GingerBread Monster
  • Spamburger
  • Goblin Gateaux
  • A Sauce Of Course
  • Spider Lolly
  • Pepper Popcorn
  • Glooble
  • Toad in the Hole
  • Mississippi Mudpie
  • Grande Gateau
  • Crispy Bat Wings
  • Fairy Cake
  • Imagehappy.jpg

    Here he is.

  • Imagehds.jpg


  • Imageorg.jpg

    He's excited for an o*gy!

  • Imagehef.jpg

    He can also be a hippie.

  • Roximage.jpg

    Rox is one of his currencies. AKA: 69 Drewland Dollars = 100 Rox.

  • Imagecu.jpg

    After squirting his juices on a cupcake.

  • Imagehealth.jpg

    A guide from him on health.