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File:Soakism logo.jpg
Soakism logo used since 1988. The white represents c*m.
Soakism is a grunge band from Drewland (originally from Seattle, WA). They formed on July 4, 1987, and had their first gig in 1990. They perform everywhere in Drewland and they also are very famous there. Their song called Politically Incorrect was made in 1992 and they became really popular for that song. It was played everywhere in Drewland radio stations from 1992-1996. They celebrated their 10th anniversary talking all over RPR 960 and other grunge radio stations.

Band members

  • The Undead Cyclops (singer, guitar)
  • Squidward T*st*cl*s (bass, clarinet sometimes)
  • Beavis (drums)
  • Ball Bro (bass)

Members photos