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Logo of the series.
Speakonia Legends is a series of video games created by members of OSS Entertainment using the RPG Maker VX and VX Ace engines that follows the story of Speakonia Video Makers as well as their ancestors and affiliates.


The game plays in a manner similar to that of Final Fantasy on the NES. The player assumes the role of up to four characters who walk around the world map to battle enemies, usually in groups, to gain experience and some form of currency. Each game has some form of an ultimate goal, in which the player must fight a final boss to complete the game's overarching storyline.


In the games are numerous dungeons which the player may explore to find boss monsters and loot. In the first installment, dungeons are an entirely optional component to the game, and are only there for the sake of gaining levels in order to fight the final boss. The second installment, however runs on the players completing dungeons in order to progress the overall story leading to the final boss, yet the world is still open to exploration.


In the series, the player has a Good and Evil rating. How each game views this rating is different.

The first installment has "Good" and "Evil" ratings. Good points are gained by defeating monsters around the world, as well as doing certain events, while evil is defined by stealing items and doing unfavorable acts towards townfolk. Good points may be used to pray at shrines and receive blessings from one of the three deities, as long as they have enough points towards good. Two of these figures (Mike and Mary) will heal either health or magic power for a small amount of good, while the third (Sam) heals everything and offers a stat boost. The third of the choices costs the most good points and will reset the amount the player has after selecting the option.

The second installment is far more subtle. Good and evil is still defined, yet to specific NPCs. Doing an act harmful to the NPC will negate their appearance from the ending, while doing beneficial acts to the NPC will guarantee their appearance. There is also a more defined role of good and evil in the class change quests.


The first game utilizes Minecraft based equipment, going up from wood and leather, to iron, to gold, and finally to diamond. All equipment is bought from shops or found in dungeons/on monsters.

The second game has a slightly different system, in that there are three armor types (which includes headgear), three arm wear types, and eight different weapon types. Four of said weapon types are only accessed after unlocking the corresponding advanced class, but may still be purchased save for one type only available through one NPC. The starting class weapons are as follows.

Class Weapon
Furry Sword
Ghost Fucker Staff
Sex Offender Wand
Psychopath Pistol


Magic in the series remains a constant, though the classes that may use it changes between the two installments.

In the first Speakonia Legends game, magic is categorized under four elements and healing. All classes learn healing spells, but the type of elemental magic they learn is based on their class, which is the same name as the element. The elements are Earth, Water, Fire, and Lightning. As the player levels up the character(s), they learn more effective forms of magic.

There is a system of effectiveness between each element, where it follows a slightly different system than that of most RPGs. This also effects what the specific character is strong and weak against.

  • Fire > Water
  • Water > Earth
  • Earth > Lightning
  • Lightning > Fire

In the second game, the distribution of magic and the elemental system is changed slightly. The element of lightning is changed to air (though still has lightning type spells) and the elements of light and dark are also added. The effectiveness of any particular spell is dependent on the enemy, and is more precise (uses defined percent values rather than a letter-rating of specific percentage values). Magic can potentially be learned by all four party members. The advanced class will determine the type and even the level of magic learned.

Another thing added into the second game is an elemental weakness system that applies by a certain percent chance depending on the level of the spell and the number of enemies effected. If you use the element too much, they may take on the element and become weak to its opposite.


The classes in the first installment of Speakonia Legends are named after their elemental associations. They gain spells of the same element as their class name. There is a huge difference in comparison to the second installment. This is mainly because the first installment is designed to be straightforward and simple in comparison to the second installment which allows for deeper customization and gear choices.

The second installment starts each character out with a starting class and later on, when the character reaches level 50, they may undertake a quest to unlock their second class. When the idea was originally added, the idea of a Light and Dark route was also thought up, taking after Seiken Densetsu 3. The class choice effects the armor and weapons that can be equipped, as well as if the character can use two weapons at once, though only two of the advanced classes allow for the dual wield mechanic.

Character Starting Class Light Route Dark Route
Bakasurvivor2102 Furry (Tank) "YM" (Tank) "OK" (Bruiser)
Mike5449 Ghost Fucker (Healer) "EC" (Healer) "HD" (Jack of all Trades)
RCDeschene Sex Offender (Magic) "PD" (Magic DPS) "CL" (Magic)
TimmyT333 Psychopath (DPS) "HM" (Saboteur) "PT" (DPS)

Playable Characters

Both games have four heroes maximum. The first game, canonically, has you play as four heroes. However, you may choose to play as one, two, three, or four. This allows for a setting of difficulty in the game.

Number of Characters Level Up Speed Equipment Upgrade Speed Survivability Other
One Person Fastest Fastest Lowest No need to buy revival items. Easier to save money. If you die, it is an immediate game over. This is likely to occur considering one character takes all the damage. Not recommended for beginners.
Two People Fairly Fast Fairly Fast Moderate With this setup and others with more than one person, you can buy revival items to revive members. The revival skill can also be used. Game over is still likely to occur, but definitely not as much as it is with one person. According to beta testers, this is the second best setup, next to the three person setup.
Three People Fairly Slow Fairly Slow Moderately High More equipment purchases make it harder to buy items and vice versa. There is a low chance of getting a game over with this setup. Although it is intended to be fairly slow to level up, this is balanced by having more survivability. According to beta testers, this is the best setup.
Four People Slowest Slowest Highest Hardest to save money due to purchases of equipment/items, but negates almost any chance of getting a game over. This is also the canonical setup. This one requires the most work for money, but balanced by its other traits, this one can work well.

In the second game, you play as four heroes once more, who are descended from the four heroes of the previous game. They are also part of the Speakonia Community in real life. The members in question have their own pages, with sections on their character play style.

  • Bakasurvivor2102 is intended to be the descendant of "Earth" in the series. He is the tank in the game, with protective abilities. He is a furry, and based on his sprite, he is a fox-human hybrid.
  • Mike5449 is intended to be the descendant of "Lightning" in the series. He is the healer/light magic user. He was born asleep and without breath, and a line in the story also references him being born via C-section.
  • RCDeschene is intended to be the descendant of "Fire" in the series. He is the mage character, having use of all four elements.
  • TimmyT333 is intended to be the descendant of "Water" in the series. He is the DPS in the game. He is also handicapped, but is notably more violent than the other party members.


During an unknown time, long before the existence of man, Sam and Mary, Speakonian Deities, had extremely hot and kinky sex that later became known as the Big Bang, which created the universe and all things within and around it. Sam was the chief God of creation, headmaster of all morality, who assisted in the creation of all physical forms after the occurrence of the Big Bang. Mary, Goddess of magic, created the laws which the realm would be affected by, and which all things residing within it would follow. However, everything was lifeless until Mike was created. He was a homunculus to Sam and Mary, and when his creation was finalized, he ascended to the rank of God as a great dragon, holding the key to creating life.

The first beings to be created were the Speakonians, who worshiped the trio of deities devoutly. They acted as protectors of the Speakonian Paradise, and had the ability to reincarnate in order to guide mankind. The second group was the races of man, who worked hard in order to ascend to the level of Speakonian. To become such was a form of enlightenment, mentally, physically, and spiritually. They were not bound to the race of Humans alone, and all creatures could become Speakonian, so long as they had the nerve and perseverance. However, as the planet Earth was nearing a golden age of enlightenment, seven Speakonians deviated, for they did not seek to serve man and committed treacherous acts against the Gods. Thus, they were cast down from the holy lands and sealed within the realm known only as the Void of Creation, where the Gods first met and formed the universe. They were sealed off by the first four Speakonians, archangels as they have come to be known, and continued to serve mankind in their times of need.

Speakonia Legends: War on Pangea

Over many generations, the seal began to wane, and the Gods could not repair it, for it was a creation of earthly nature and not divine nature. The sealed beings managed to influence beasts and a small percentage of humans, and monsters began to spill out into the universe. At this time, four heroes were called to the highest mountain in the land of Pangea, each named after their element. There they heard the voices of the gods, instructing them to fight off the evil spilling out onto their home, and stop those who seek to break the seal on the evil beings, for it would bring great catastrophe should they fail.

The heroes, when they stepped down from the mountain, received news of a war which had taken place in a nearby city. A new king had taken the throne in search of gold, as such was an ingredient required to open a "gateway" of sorts. However, the heroes found that he would be too strong to fight against, and that it would rouse suspicion if they started to ask questions. Instead, they went out to train and fight for the people of the planet, protecting them from beasts that lurked inside caves, forests, and other forsaken locations.

Once they had acquired enough strength, the heroes faced off against this king, who utilized a form of magic to transform himself into a great demon. Though the heroes defeated him, he utilized a final spell to take him to another dimension, spending all of the gold he had taken from the people. The heroes followed him and entered the Void of Creation, where he freed the evil beings who rebelled against the gods, named by him as "the Seven Vocaloids of Evil." However, in order for the ritual to be complete, they targeted and stole the life of this king, and fed upon the remaining gold he had been carrying. The only thing the heroes could do was pray to Sam, who sent the heroes back in time to their last point of safety. When this was done, Sam decided to split the world into various land masses, in order to keep the Vocaloids separate. In this, he told his chosen warriors to live out the rest of their days, in hopes that one day new champions would rise to fight the evils, realizing that there would never be a way to keep the Vocaloids sealed forever as they had hoped.

Speakonia Legends: Dark Cloud Over Swellness

Years after the ordeal on Pangea, in the year 2018, four Speakonia video makers have since been living out their lives in the seaside town of Swellington. Some of the other video makers such as MrCaptainJeff and Pwnisher248, though retired, decided to accept the trip to Swellington since it is a nice tourist spot, and undoubtedly full of people to mock.

The four video makers are attacked on the day everyone decided to meet up and afterwards go out for a lulz (and boner) induced strip club visit. They soon come to realize the people behind this attack are associated with Vocaloid, and after beating the hell out of the assassins, the four of them set out to defeat the seven Vocaloids. During this quest, they are assisted by community members Nintendomaster2010, madassgamer, and Firegoron, to name a few, who help provide them with information to fight the evil beings, whose influence over the mind has become severe.


Development for the series first began in early 2010, when DrewPicklesOgre forwarded his idea to make a Speakonia game based around Drew Pickles. This would be known as "Drew Pickles and the Quest for the Golden Dialdo" and would take place in Drewland. However, even after the work put into it, the game was put into hiatus due to a lack of will and lack of manpower.

However, after a few months of hiatus, the project started development once again when community members Mike5449 and Timmyt333 got involved in the game's creation process. Eventually, the team saw another addition to the metaphorical "Drew Pickles Content Vault" to be pointless. Thus, Mike5449 and Timmy pitched the idea to split this game into two. The first game was based around Drew Pickles, while the second was based around video makers, and the two projects were codenamed "Project Red" and "Project Blue" respectively.

The Drew Pickles game (Project Red), however, seemed too overwhelmingly pointless, even after Firegoron, RCDeschene, and Bakasurvivor2102 decided to contribute to the series' development. Thus, Project Red was scrapped in favor of Project Blue. Mike5449 and Timmy worked with Firegoron to produce an actual title for this installment in the series, and after hours of deliberation, penis jokes, rectal hemorrhage jokes, and overall laughter, the group decided on "Dark Cloud Over Swellness" or DCOS.

After a month of further development, Firegoron branched off to create a prequel to the series' main installment, to become the first installment. He called it "Speakonia Legends: Green" as opposed to "Dark Cloud Over Swellness: Blue" which would have a later installment under the color Red. Mike saw DCOS to have a really long name, and found Speakonia Legends had a nicer ring to it than that of previous titles. Finally, the series would be referred to as "Speakonia Legends" and blue would be known as "Speakonia Legends: Dark Cloud Over Swellness" instead.


Speakonia Legends Green would not be released until Speakonia Legends Blue would come out, per the agreement Firegoron proposed. However, due to a lack of willpower and overall motivation, the project was once again put on hiatus in mid-2013. It was also during this time that an OSS icon, Annabelle, was revealed as being fake, and Mike went into spiritual retreat. Thus, the programmer of the series was lost, until his eventual return. At the start of 2014, the project once again kicked back into gear, and everything began to undergo a new planning process, with scripts, suggestions, and even a pinch of lulz added to the mix.


When the project was restarted, a lot of changes were made to the overall way the second game would play out. The party size decreased from six to four, and a more open world concept was adopted, meaning players could go just about anywhere in the world, but would have to be careful due to the dangers in later areas. This was kept in mind with the idea that stronger monsters would be in dungeons while weaker monsters would be in the fields. While initially this raised concerns for story progression, it was soon allowed when the way in which switches work was explained.



  • Each Vocaloid is connected to one of the Seven Deadly Sins in Christian religion. Similarly, they are each connected to a prince of Hell.
    • Gakupo is to envy, and has the soul of Leviathan.
    • Meiko is to lust, and has the soul of Asmodeus.
    • Kaito is to gluttony, and has the soul of Beelzebub.
    • Luka is to greed, and has the soul of Mammon.
    • Len is to sloth, and has the soul of Belphegor.
    • Rin is to wrath, and has the soul of Abbadon.
    • Miku is to pride, and has the soul of Lucifer.
  • One particular playable character in the series is somewhat questionable due to the way in which his true class change route plays out. In it, he acknowledges the demon within, becoming one with it over time. Due to the connection of demons to Vocaloid, this would technically make him one of them (or at least in close relation to them), as he later manifests this power within.

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