Squidward Testicles

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Squidward is a member of The Barney Bunch. He actually doesn't hate SpongeBob or Patrick, but he's one of their favorite butt buddies and he actually finds them sexy. Squidward tentacle rapes SpongeBob everyday. He likes to shove his clarinet up his ass to use as a dildo. He also has an art collection made that consists of gay porn and sex toys. He likes to paint pictures of his penis to look longer Drew's 300 mile long cock, just to piss Drew off; then get his anus raped. He taught Flash Sentry to be an awesome grunge new wave singer. Since the mid 2000s, he has starred in many torture porns, such as Good Neighbors (2005), Choir Boys (2009), Boating Buddies (2008), and Squid Baby (2012). Squidward Testicles also loves testicles and loves Rocky Mountain Oyster (a dish made out of cattle, sheep, and/or goat testicles that's popular and Drewland restaurants) and masturbates to the testicles.