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Superman (b. February 29, 1912) is a major member of the Barney Bunch. His real name is Clark Kent, which he uses as an alias to disguise himself from enemies and homophobes. He lives in Krypton City, Drewland, currently working as a Drewland comic book writer for the comics "Drew and Chaz", "Oatmeal Man", "McDooDoonalds", and "Der Robot Kippe". His number one enemies are actually not Darkseid and Lux Luthor, but they are actually SuperGirl (his impostor in the Girlsored and Censored Bunches along with Waternoose Incorporated) and Batman (major Censored Bunch member, major member of Waternoose Incorporated, and a death level enemy to the Barney Bunch). Darkseid and Lex Luthor are actually his lovers. Despite him being in his hundreds, he never ages. Eventually in 1978, he decided to meet with Drew Pickles to join his "bunch". He agreed and is now plays an important role in the Barney Bunch, trying to write comic books and stop enemies from reaching Drewland soil. Whenever anything Barney Bunch related features Batman, it is actually Superman disguised as Batman. The person disguised as Robin is usually some kid Superman finds in the street. He snatches him and puts him in the van.