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Welcome to the TheNewBarneyBunch Wiki

A new wiki to replace BarneyBunchSwellest Wiki. TheBarney Bunch was a "troll group" on the NewGrounds, but got banned there; but they now have videos on YouTube.

Important News

There is a talk page about Moving to Shoutwiki.


  1. Censor swearings, slurs, etc. as much as possible (especially the vowels)! Uncensored version is here.
  2. No pages groups stuff that already have their own wikis
  3. No harrasing others
  4. If you want to be an admin ask CartoonFreak666 or other admins first
  5. No adding a 5th rule
  6. No uploading p*rnographic pictures
  7. We have no Jolly Ranchers, you ate them all.
  8. Fanart is fine; please keep it safe for work, though.
  9. No vandalism. If you want to test or experiment edits, go to the Sandbox.
  10. Try your best not to make minions of Screw Pickles pages; just in case if that was one of the things that got the last wiki closed and I read SuperBarneyBunch's blog about it. Add them to a list on Screw Pickles' page
  11. If you have a youtube account, try to name your account close to what your YouTube account is or link your YouTube account so we know who you are.
  12. Do not create pages being mean to certian groups of real life people, people/group that hate the fandom/franchise, or the MiklosMac pages. 
  13. Here's a policy for the dump, don't retrieve Minions of Screw Pickles pages, pages being mean to certian groups of real life people, people or the group that hate the fandom/franchise, or the MiklosMac pages. If anyone uses the dump they'll have to promise not to remake those pages. If any of those pages are remade, they shall be removed imeadiatly. Here is the dump.
  14. Spanish pages must go on Spanish Wiki only.
  15. Read the Barney Bunch Article Guide 101 for good articles.
  16. No saying that Lou Pickles is dead; he's still alive.
  17. If you hate The Barney Bunch or any other Speakonia Group (like P*be Muppet, Rusty Group, Humongous Bunch, ect) then get the f*ck out.
  18. This wiki is ment for humor, nothing here is ment to be taken seriously.
  19. If this wiki gets closed forever, don't blame me for it.
  20. Don't give any satisfaction to The P*be Muppet.
  21. Don't steal the D*ld*s
  22. Don't let Danny Cat, Boomerang Bro, Betty DeVille, Rudfolo, Screw Pickles or Maid Marian close this wiki or they all will get a** r*ped for men and death for women. Danny Cat nuked the shout wiki, he will get severe punishment by brutal r*pe

Latest activity


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