The '80s Clan

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The '80s Clan is a huge enemy to the Barney Bunch. They hated everything made since 1991 and are huge enemies to grunge. 


  • Any hair metal/'80s rock ballad band
  • the '80s family
  • Eddie Van Halen (also a member of the Censored Bunch, The Rusty Group, and Waternoose Incorporated )
  • Any '80s pop group
  • Cyndi Lauper (also member of the Nega-Fergo Bunch, and The Rusty Group)
  • Soft Cell (even though the guy is g*y, he still hates the Barney Bunch and also hates grunge)
  • N*k*d Eyes
  • Culture Club
  • Roger Troutman
  • Zapp
  • The Fine Young Cannibals