The Conehead Groom

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The Groom himself.

"Hello, I am the Conehead groom. Mr Periwinkle to some."

The Conehead Groom (b. October 28, 1977) (Mr Periwinkle to some, or sometimes Clops,) was a straight man, who liked many females. However, one afternoon, he saw a girl named Jessica Y*sh*m*to, who made him SO h*rny, since the groom has a navel f*tish. When he wanted to marry her, he accidentally glued his suit onto his body. When she declined, The Groom, upset, started to have hatred against all straight people, and beat Jessica with his c*ck like, smack smack smack smack smack. Her blood was all over the entire area, The Groom, decided to take her heart, and keep her brain in a belljar, in case he got hungry as a zombie. Soon, he met Barney at the Christmas Party of 2011, where he witnessed, and was a part of the greatest or*y ever. Soon, the Groom became g*y, and decided to become the rabbi at the Drewland synagogue and church. He is also known for smoking w**d, with Parasect of the M-san Bunch, while having permission to go to the M-san Bunch's meetings, since his spiritual energy helps "Der Führer's Army" and the Cyclops. Before the old Barney Bunch wiki closed down, he became a Major member, for he was the one hosting the funeral. His b*tt buddies, are The Painter, The Necromancer, and Mr. Man. His best friend when he was straight, was a Cyclops. He can become a skeleton whenever he wants. His c*ck is 290 miles long, which is strange, since he is small, possibly a midget. His Speakonia voice actor is Microsoft Mike. His talent is to shoot cannons up your *ss, and playing the organ. He was conveniently born the same day as Beavis, and they are both extremely hated by the gnarly and unswell Hayden Panettiere. His 1st video was finally unleashed on October 11th, explaining his backstory. He is the one who introduces new members.