The Guy Farting Jingle Bells

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The Guy Farting Jingle Bells.png

The Guy Farting Jingle Bells is a member of The Barney Bunch. He's a guy from France who decided to make a video of him on a toilet farting Jingle Bells. He loves to fart and whenever he farts it's always in the tune of Jingle Bells. He also doesn't get embarrassed when he farts in public. The only thing he wears are Christmas lights, garland, and two giant jingle bell ornaments. His best butt buddy is the DJ right underneath him.


  • Both Drew Pickles and The Pube Muppet love The Guy Farting Jingle Bells. They get so super horny watching this video because of the guy's almost naked body, the farting and the DJ right under him. They also love to jack off to him.
  • NintendoMaster2010 (a member of the Speakonia Community) once got kicked out of a public library for watching The Guy Farting Jingle Bells.