The King

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The King himself.

"Blah Blah Blah Blah! Meeeeep. *Smiles*"-The King

"You can't have a h*mose*ual or*y! Without your faithful monarch sitting on the sidelines and j*cking off to it!" -King

The king is a member of the Barney bunch. He is one who partakes not in or*ies, but prefers to sit on the side and j*ck off. His b*tt buddies are Green Knight, Krang, Alejandro, and Pink Knight. His favorite thing to do is to r*pe enemies, by himself. You see, he's very antisocial. That doesn't stop him from being a poetic pimp. Not only this, but he loves to heal his teammates using his scepter as long as he gets r*ped in the a**. He has the best smile of anyone. Dinner is a key element for him, and his life. His magic is healing based.