The Necromancer

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The Necromancer (b. October 31, 1982) is a member of the Barney Bunch. He uses his sword as d*l**s and he also wears his mask to protect Drewland from the evils of Hayden Panettiere, Danny Cat, The Str*ight King, and many more major Barney Bunch enemies. He is one of Drewland's finest guards for a major reason which I will get to. One of his b*tt buddies is The Conehead Groom. Not only this, he kills people (they're usually unlisted enemies of the Barney Bunch and M-san Bunch), then r*pes them, and repeats the process. He is one of the most evil members of The Barney Bunch due to his actions, and specific ways he r*pes people. He is also, very good b*tt buddies with Zor. He hates female ponies, since he believes they pollute the Internet. He does actually like male ponies though. His major goal is to destroy Dora the Explorer. When r*p*ng a dead corpse, he is likelier to have an org*sm in it than when he r*p*s someone that is still alive; awkward, huh? To him though, it's completely normal. He makes S**** look like a normal straight man.