The Really Secret Diary of Drew Pickles

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This is the Really Secret Diary of Drew "Douchebag" Pickles. This diary wasn't recovered by PanicPogoda or any other people who recovered Drew Pickles diaries, but by the folks at the Barney Bunch Wiki on Shout Wiki. This diary was recovered from the smoldering remains of the 19th floor of the old Drewland Therapy Centre (est. 1986) which Dill Pickles lit on fire with a gallon of petrol in an unaired episode of All Grown Up. Warning, you must have a tattoo of Darkwing Duck in his Darkwolf Dog form, naked, on your cock to view.


Dear Diary,

Today I woke up as usual in the Barney Bunch Mansion in Drewland, Nowhereland. The sun was shining on my cock, I mean face. I then left to go to McDonald's. When I arrived, I met Dill Pickles, who was eating a grilled cheese sandwich from his Happy Meal. After eating my food, I was on the Drew-Choo Train.