The Royco Cup-a-Soup Guy

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Royco Cup a Soup Guy.jpg

The Royco Cup-a-Soup Guy is a member of the Barney Bunch. He comes from the Netherlands, and his cock is 167 miles long. He loves to jack off to the sight of men taking a shit, and so he stalks on men outside their bathroom window. After he felt like he stared at them long enough, he punches through the window to rape them. His neck is able to get a boner like his penis. Before he rapes them, he whips out his favorite dildo, a magic sword. It's magic because he can use it to zap men to turn them into him. He fucks the man after transforming that man into himself, which brings a new meaning to the term "Go fuck yourself.". Instead of saying "Bag, that was swell." he says "Een kan er maar de lekkerste zijn.", which roughly means "Only one can taste the best." in Dutch. He joined the Barney Bunch on March 17, 2008 when Drew Pickles came to visit the Netherlands. Drew was impressed by the Royco Cup-a-Soup Guy's swell actions of stalking men taking a shit, and from his magic sword. Drew sees the sword as a great way to increase the gay population of the world.