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The Rusty Group  a.k.a. Rusty and Rosy and Friends, was the unswell homophobic group that formed on 2/16/2002. It contained homophobic men and women. They made a video on 5/17/2013. They hate the Barney Bunch, The Swell-san Bunch, Fergo Bunch and The Humongous Bunch. Their allies were Waternoose Inc. The Nega-Barney Bunch, The Nega-Fergo Bunch, The '80s Clan, The Girlsored BunchThe Censored Bunch, and The Country-and-Western Crew. They want to destroy The Fergo Bunch (these guys especially wanted eliminated), The M-san Bunch (these guys especially wanted eliminated), The Pube Gang, The Swell-san Bunch, The Barney Bunch (these guys especially wanted eliminated), Hanna-Barbera Bunch, and The Humongous Bunch. they disbanded because they merged with Waternoose Incorporated and The Raccoons Duo died on December 20, 2013 during Speakonia War I.

NOTE: Names in italic and bold are members that might/barely be allies of The M-san Bunch.

Dead Members

Surviving Unswell Members

The $ indicates that member is in Censored Bunch/Girlsored Bunch. Unmarked is in Waternoose Incorporated.

Former Members


These are people that are blacklisted from this Group:

  • Current Barney Bunch Members
  • Current Fergo Bunch Memers
  • Current Humongous Bunch Members
  • Current Hanna-Barbera Bunch Members
  • ALL M-san Bunch members (and later their allies as well), new and old, former and current
  • Dr. Horrible
  • Pawyer Cat (Danny Cat and Sawyer Cat's son)

How to Join

This group is hard to join, the new member must follow these guidelines:

  1. You must be homophobic, gayer than Drew Pickles/Betty DeVille, or bisexual.
  2. You can't be on the blacklist. If a blacklisted person want to join, they have to wait 2 years and forgive Danny Cat.
  3. You must like Hair Metal, Eurobeat, and/or Country-and-Western
  4. You must hate grunge. (Exceptions are Chester Bennington, Mcb1209, Danny Cat and Danny Cat Jr.)
  5. You must help their allies.

(These guidelines is dead because the group members is in Waternoose Incorporated)


For safety reason, we better not list their pornos on this wiki, even looking at their name of them, worst case scenario, cause a heart attack(s), cancer, vomiting, HIV, AIDS, gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, herpes, tuberculosis, clinical depression, autism, lung cancer, leprosy, genital pain, diabetes, chicken pox, swine flu, projectile pain, bubonic plague, radiation poisoning, uncontrollable gas, suicidal thoughts, and/or death. They are not allowed in Drewland, Sawyera, or Egypsia.