The SoFurry Server Squirrel

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SoFurry Server Squirrel.png

Saul T. Tailhole (b. September 6, 1996), better known as The SoFurry Server Squirrel by fellow Barney Bunch members, is a member of the Barney Bunch who administrates SoFurry's servers, hence his name.


Drew Pickles was searching gay porn of Clifford the Big Red Dog, albeit with next to no luck. He remembered SoFurry, which had some gay porn if he looked deep (hemaha, deep) into the search engine of the site. Apparently, he got the "Squirrels Munching Cables!" screen, which is a really unswell error message for the most part. However, Drew Pickles was turned on by the Squirrel, who was shocked to see his role model. After rough furry sex, Drew befriended what is now one of the gayest squirrels in all of Drewland, as well as an electrician for Drew's computer hardware.


  • Saul helps filter out blacklisted pornography from Drewland servers; even some of the SoFurry artwork!
  • Saul is one the gayest electricians throughout most of the country.


  • Saul is one of the few mascots to originate from furry websites, alongside be in the Barney Bunch.
  • The reason why his name is Saul T. Tailhole is because his gay father fucked him in the ass and clogged his anus with salty man-fluids for 69 minutes. When Saul was rimmed, he asked: "Dad, how salty is it?" Thus, a gay poopy squirrel boy would be recognized in just about 20 years after his swell birth.
  • Ironically, his Chinese Zodiac is the Year of the Rat.
  • While Saul does not mind heterosexuals, he often feels persistent on reminding most women that he is gay.