The Thalmor

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A Thalmor Justiciar
The Thalmor (more commonly known in Drewland as the Fail-More) are major enemies of The Barney Bunch, The Betty Bunch, The Pube Gang, and The Humongous Bunch. They are a group of homophobic straight-supremacist elves who believe that elves are better than humans and should rule the world, that all homosexuals and bisexuals are evil and should be put to death, and that grunge is the music of the devil. They are known to capture gays, lesbians (so...), bisexuals, and grunge fans, then torture them. One of their favorite torture methods is to force gay captives to watch straight porn, or even worse, lesbian porn. They also confiscate dildis, buttplugs, various other sex toys, and/or grunge records/CD's, and smash them to billions of tiny non-existent pieces. During ther Great War in Tamriel, they have defeated the Empire and forced the gay Emperor to sign a peace treaty known as the White-Gold Concordat, in exchange for the abolition of worship of the gay god Talos. Soon after, the Thalmor thought Tamriel was too easy to conquer, so they decided to invade Drewland. However, many of their invasion attempts have failed, due to the fact that their Justiciars keep getting raped or smacked to death by Drew Pickles (males and females respectively). Currently, they are teaming up with Waternoose Incorporated, The Rusty Group, and Talon Company to take down the Barney Bunch. Somehow, the Fail-More does not know about some of Barney Bunch's major allies.