The Twisted Candy Viking

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Twisted Candy Viking.jpg

The Twisted Candy Viking (b. June 2, 878), also known as Ragnar the Extremely Gay or simply just known as Ragnar Bjornsson, is a member of the Barney Bunch. He lives in Sveløya and is one of the major citizens there. He comes to Drewland's mainland from time to time, just to talk to Drew Pickles, Barney, and the other Barney Bunch members. He normally stays there for a week. He is the gayest viking in the universe to ever exist. He was born somewhere in Kent, England by a Norwegian couple mistakenly. He shockingly has an IQ of 200 and works at a shop, selling Danish butter cookies and viking gear/collectibles along with Viking accessories. His father, Bjorn the Sexy, mistakenly had some of his cum go into a Valkyrie on September 10, 877. There, Ragnar was conceived. Eventually the Valkyrie fled from Norway to England just weeks before Ragnar was born. The British people were shocked. One of them said "You gave birth to an extremely brilliant baby, miss." She just stared at the British men. She didn't even realize that Ragnar was extremely gay until the age of 9 while humping a runestone with a male icon. 2 months later, he went to viking school, where he was a successful viking gaylord. When they realized that he humped all the boys and even the teacher (Herr Andersson), they expelled him! He was known for twisting candies and making them look like sexleketøy (according to the viking brain). During the 10th century, He raided many lands, raped thousands of men and boys, stole all of the children's candy, and crafted all runestones to have icons of gay men. He died just before Christmas 934 after having AIDS, syphilis, herpes, and gonorrhea. Every single Norwegian, Danish, and Swedish woman and all of the straight men were happy that he wouldn't steal anymore candy. The gay vikings mourn over his death. Then a miracle happened 2002. He resurrected from the dead, whole most of the other vikings didn't!