The Unestablished War

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Possibly one of the most well known Speakonia Wars of all is the Unestablished War of 2011. It was a sustained feud between OldschoolSwellness (OSS) and SwellDrewTube (SDT).

Main Players

There were two main groups fighting eachother in this war, with a few neutral members.

Members of OSS

OldschoolSwellness wished to sustain the current "established" characters, believing that this is what the community required to survive. New characters would need to grow, and be distinct within the current roster, not be thrown in on a whim.

  • timmyt333 (Later known as timmyt333rebirth, main leader. Referred to as Timmy.)
  • FireGoron
  • RCDeschene (Activity was mainly done on his SwellRCDeschene account.)
  • BakaSurvivor2102 (Referred to as Baka.)
  • BooNube (Known for standardizing "bag, that was swell." Sided with OSS, but didn't officially come into consistent contact.)
  • FuzenKuden (Referred to as Fuzen. Later retired.)

Members of SDT

SwellDrewTube is believed to have sought freedom in making videos, adding characters, and adding content in any way, shape, or form. However, this account of what they wanted is not fully credible, in that there was a lot of coordination errors between members, and a fair amount of bias to SDT during this time.

  • MrCaptainJeff (Believed to be the main leader.)
  • Pwnisher248
  • Oldmanhemmaha
  • Numerous other users who were/are unknown due to few significant contributions. (However, it could be implied that SDT tried to obtain their goal through these users.)


There were neutral members as well who either didn't care, were retiring, or just antagonized both. But some had other reasons, and some members purely did things without regard for either side's quarreling.

  • HoodboyTails (Saw the beginnings of the war but had just begun his retirement.)
  • Mario4356 (Joined for the sake of gathering others to help him troll. Mainly sided with OSS, but didn't become a fully recognized member.)
  • MrExpiriMENTAL (Antagonized OSS, most of his attacks were directed at Timmy. Was not affiliated with SDT.)
  • Unknown friend of Huck who attempted to take control of the main OSS channel. Otherwise neutral.
  • mike5449 (Joined at the end of the conflict. Mainly speaks to OSS but also is in contact with members of SDT. Maintained neutrality, but has a lean to OSS.)


It all started when FireGoron conversed with Timmy sometime after his learning of the ways regarding Singonia. He proposed that Timmy should call forth and establish a group of the greatest video makers in the community, who had unparalleled skill at creating Speakonia videos.

He brought in fairly popular members, such as:

  • RCDeschene
  • BakaSurvivor2102
  • FuzenKuden
  • Pwnisher248

Thus, the main roster of OSS members was mostly complete. They dubbed themselves OldschoolSwellness, because they held onto the belief in sustainability and maintaining the status quo regarding characters and events within the way videos were made and the structure of videos.

Members began uploading older videos right away, but it was at this time, community member Jeff was deciding on retiring, and was originally to be considered to have a place within the group because of such.

Things got hectic right away. Right after the OSS channel launched its first video, there was a large argument in the comments. This was mostly between Timmy, Jeff, and Baka. RCDeschene did make one video with Nigel Thornberry trying to explain the whole situation. However, this was met with mostly negative criticism.

There was a following onslaught of videos from Jeff's end. Usually videos regarding Yogi killing Drew, Yogi being gayer than Drew, RCDeschene being a Speakonia nazi, etc.

SwellDrewTube was soon born as a group of their own.

Members decided to convert from OSS to SDT over time, such as Pwnisher. Of course, most older members were on the side of OSS, but did see the appeal of the SDT philosophy. However, the problem was that OSS could do nothing about the videos being uploaded of unestablished characters, and could only use their established characters to retaliate against any attacks or claims.

Things became very heated, Things began to die down when accounts began getting terminated. In fact, it happened to both of the leaders on either side.

Unfortunately, the damage had already been done. Speakonia content was never the same, and introducing new characters was met with claims of being unestablished, whether one believed in the SDT philosophy or not. But at the same time, OSS content was consistently deemed repetitive and boring. Who was right in the end? Neither really claims victory over the other, but there have been claims of members being legendary, such claims made by Oldmanhemmaha to himself are a recurring joke within the context of Skype calls. Members have retired, and new members have entered, and with this comes the changes in philosophy, which leads to claims of who was right in the end.

OSS does believe they were right in the end more than even SDT. They back this up with the fact that their philosophy had allowed new characters, but had proclaimed that the correct way is to establish characters and build them up, which leads to more interesting works that attract more viewers. They have argued further that the use of characters only once with the same formula as others does not equate to more people catching on, but is only more repetitive.

The shorthand version: Members of the Speakonia community had a fallout about whether classic or "modern" videos were better and more "established". In the end, the entire community was sick of it.

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