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The Who after one long rough night of stinky faggot buttsex, Amsterdam 1967

The Who, much like the Wiggles, were artificially created faggot men. They are also known for breaking every single thing they hold. The secret to their repetitive destructive behavior is that they like to think the object they are holding is a woman. So in live concerts they picture playing with vaginas causing them to get angry and smash their instruments. They first appeared in the SavageBoy69 video The Who Go To Dave's Burger Barn. They have a hardcore fetish for Tommy James & The Shondells and like to fuck other 1960s rock bands. They enjoy making Goes To videos. The group consists of lead singer Roger Daltrey, whose cock is 301 miles long, Pete Townshend, whose cock is 79342924892024829 billion light years long, John Entwistle who is undergoing gender reassignment (female to male), who will be given a 50000 mile long cock, and Keith Moon who has a whopping 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 mile long cock. Although their cock sizes have never been mentioned, these facts came from SavageBoy69 (yeah that's me. Holy shit I just broke the fourth wall) when he scrounged through the Barney Bunch members' records file.

How they were created

In 1964, Arthur Read sat in his room with his boyfriend Buster Baxter, upset that their favorite gay band The Kingsmen changed their line up. They thought up of inventing a faggot group for themselves. So, they purchased a 3D printer (although they never existed in the 1960s) and then they went back to their faggot room and then began 3D printing four random people. One for vocals, one for guitars, one for bass, and one for drums. Then while they were in the process of getting them printed, they thought up of names. Arthur suggested the lead singer be Roger Daltrey, as D also stands for dick and it would make him horny everytime he hears it, Buster suggested the guitarist and bassist be named Pete Townshend and John Entwistle, because the name Pete reminds him of the term p-p-penis, and Entwistle because whistle reminded Arthur of a penis. And as they were finished being 3d printed, they immediately leapt onto arthur's penis and sucked it. The Who were born.

Members of The Who

Roger Daltrey, vocalist. Roger is known as the gayest man of the group. He has a fetish for Japanese yaoi hentai and has had a sexual relationship with every male in the world. In 1968 he broke the record for most cocks taken up one asshole when he took 72935329752389750327052350983274239024828621486124682746124722468126124672912612461289474646287428174182246124 penises in total up his ass at the Grande Ballroom in Detroit, Michigan, during an MC5 concert.

Pete Townshend, guitarist. Pete is the second gayest of the group. He has had a fetish for hairy legs since 1955, when he was ten. He has called Mick Jagger's penis huge and extremely tasty and when he was a kid he had a really gay poopy cummy Game Boy Camera-recorded threeway.

John Entwistle, bassist. John is world-renowned for his ability to shove a bass in his ass and puke it out through his mouth. He also has a sexy fetish for eating shit and pooping out the shit. In order to immediately induce arousal, John will eat a shit ton of laxatives and shit all of it on his hand and then rub it in his face and eat it.

Keith Moon, drummer. Keith Moon is the least gayest but still enjoys gay sex. He gets absolutely crazy over his homosexuality and does everything to make himself even gayer. He also enjoys eating John's shit and having swell orgies with the rest of the Who. In 1978 he overdosed on pills and he was turned straight. He left the band to go and rape women.

Their swell albums

  • My Masturbation (1965)
  • A Quick Cum (1966)
  • The Who Sell Cum (1967)
  • Tommy's Sex (1969)
  • Who's Next To Get Raped (1971)
  • Quadropenis (1973)
  • The Who Buy Dildis (1975)
  • Who Fucked You (1978, last album before Keith's homosexuality died)
  • Dick Dances (1981)
  • I'm Hard (1982)
  • Penis Wire (2006)
  • The Who Hit 50 Year Old Men (2014)