The Wiggles

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The Wiggles
Personal Information
Birthday: February 1, 1973 (stuck in their 40's)
Zodiac: Aquarius
Occupation: Gay porn actors, rapists
Residence: Drewland
Nationality: American (births), Drewish
Heritage: Australian
Orientation: Homosexual
Groups: The Barney Bunch
Origin: The Wiggles
Penis Size: Greg: 134 miles long, Anthony: 2 miles long, Jeff: 9000 miles long, Murray: 78 lightyears long

The Wiggles are a group of four artificially created men. They are in the Barney Bunch. They got the name "The Wiggles" for their elastic cocks. As stated in "THE WIGGLES GO TO A HIGH SCHOOL BOY'S LOCKERROOM", they enjoy raping men of all ages, from 0 years old to 999999 years old and they have a hardcore fetish for stinky sweaty virgin underage high school boys.


In 1973, Drew Pickles got really really really horny, and decided that he wanted a group of gay faggot musician men to write really gay songs for him as well as shove his cock in his ass and take his cocks up their asses. After 6 months, Drew, Stu, and Lou Pickles could not find anyone who met these requirements so Lou and Stu settled with taking piano lessons and writing their own gay songs, but it wasn't enough for Drew, so Drew mixed his favorite colors at the time, which were yellow, blue, purple, and red, and then he threw paint buckets containing those colors into a blender, as they were blending together, Drew Pickles jacked off his pe-pe-pe-pe-penis and came into the blender and then he got his daddy and his brother's sperm samples from the sperm bank as well as a couple other random sperm samples, and then he got home and poured them all into the blender as well as the paint and Drew's cum, and a huge explosion of poopy and semen, which measured on the Richter scale, came from the blender and then, incredibly great big gay man titty sucking but fucking homosexuals known as the Wiggles were born. They greeted Drew for the first time saying: "Hello my good man, we are the great big gay man titty sucking but fucking homosexuals known as the Wiggles and we are here to sing very gay songs to you and fuck your asshole and suck your cock and force you to suck our cocks and drink our man cheese and shove your head up our assholes and force you to eat our poopy." Naturally, as the gayest man in the world, Drew will love all of this and force us to be his sex slaves for the rest of eternity, but Drew has given them some freedom and allow them to rape hundreds of thousands of males on a daily basis. About 10 years later, they met Barney, Dick the Clown, and Ronald McDonald, better known as the Penis Clown, for the first time. It was the swellest fucking shit ever, and ever since that day, they have been having wild, nasty, sweaty, cummy, poopy, unsanitary, diaper soiling, Flip Video camera recorded, and of course, gay fucking buttsex orgies with every LGBT faggot and they will continue to do so until the Friendship Enforcers come (hahaha cum) back and nuke the Speakonia universe for supposedly destroying friendship, honesty, self-esteem, and all that other bullshit.

In 2007, the Wiggles were caught sneaking dildo bombs into the Comcast headquarters. The repairs took 69 days.

In the early 2010's, The Wiggles began a tradition of LGBT faggots going to shitty rundown establishments and fucking everyone and doing LGBT faggot shenanigans. This was noted as existing when they went to a Réno-Dépôt, a Quebec Home Depot knockoff, and caused a massive gay poopy faggot orgy which took 69 hours and 2.875 days to clean up. Another event worth noting is when they went to a high school boys locker room and again caused a massive orgy, with pube eating and cock sucking and poopy shoving and even eyesocket farting.


Greg Page

Greg Page, or Greg, is the man in the Yellow Shirt. He represents gay music, such as Elton John. He got sick for a few years and was replaced by some fag named Sam, but he came (lol came) back.

Anthony Field

Anthony Field, or Anthony, is the man in the Blue Shirt. He represents species who are pioneers in gay rights, such as humans, equestrians, and the undead.

Murray Cook

Murray Cook, or Murray, is the man in the Red Shirt. He represents gay porn, because he is the most famous Wiggle.

Jeff Fatt

Jeff Fatt, or Jeff, is the man in the Purple Shirt. He represents gay sex, because he is tired all the time. He is also related to pedophilia.

The Wiggles' Sex Slaves

Captain Featherdildo

Captain Featherdildo is a pirate who has a dildo made out of feathers.

Wags the Gay Dog

Wags the Dog is a furry dog who likes to fuck Arthur and Buster Baxter.

Henry the Really Gay Octopus

Henry the Really Gay Octopus is an octopus with two arms, two legs, and four penises.

Joey the Faggot Crab

A very gay crab with two penises.

Paul the Swell Cook

The swell cook that helps The Wiggles make food, especially cum salad.


The Wiggles are quite famous for their musical hits, which include "Hot Sex", "Cum Salad", "Big Red Penis", and "Fuck Jeff's Ass". Their magnum opus is often considered to be "Penis Medley ft. Thomas the Tank Engine and Drew Pickles", which includes the following songs; Hot Sex, Cum Salad, Point Your Dildo, Big Red Penis, Fuck Jeff's Ass, Slurp Up, Jeff!, Captain Featherdildo, Ahoy!, Captain Featherdildo's Orgy, Doo the Monkey, and Fuck-a-Bye Your Butt.

Other Members

There is a female member, Emma the Everlovin' Foot Sucker, who is a foot fetishist and two new male members who are in the Nonsexist Bunch.