Tommy James & The Shondells

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Tommy James & The Shondells, better known as Tommy James and the Cum-Drinking Ass-Licking Shit-Eating Eyesocket-Farting Shitfags, are a group of swell gay faggots that are destined to surpass every member of the Barney Bunch and become the gayest men to ever exist. One of their orgies, with Pete Townshend of The Who, can be seen here: [1]

The members

NOTE: Not listed in order of gayness.

Tommy James (April 29, 1947 - February 13, 1990, June 26, 2015-) - Tommy is the gayest of all the Barney Bunch members, beating out Beach Bear and Drew Pickles with a 900,000,000 square feet long cock. He has a fetish for smelly, musty old socks and has had a sexual relationship with every male in the world, and was nearly arrested for being a misogynist. He broke Roger Daltrey's world record of the most cocks taken up one asshole in 1990 when he and Kid Vid took 7293532975238975032705235098327423902482862148612468274612472246812612467291261246128947464628742817418224612472935329752389750327052350983274239024828621486124682746124722468126124672912612461289474646287428174182246124 cocks up their bum-bums at a Kraftwerk concert in Italy. Daltrey, who coincidentally attended the concert, witnessed this foul sight of demotion and he got so angry he then smashed Tommy's head against the wall. Tommy then later died from anal hemorrhages at the age of 42. On June 26, 2015, after America legalized gay marriage, Tommy was excited about the news and decided to leave heaven. He had previously left Heaven multiple times to participate in the production of Barney Bunch gay pornos. In Tommy's early heterosexual years, he had a sexual relationship with Christina Grimmie, but on June 10, 1969 things went bloody outside The Plaza Live in Orlando when he, Kevin James Loibl and Charles Manson shot her continuously, but she ultimately survived this and brutally beat them to a massive heap of blood and guts. Grimmie was never arrested for this and has now gained the title as the straightest woman in the history of the universe. After this, he then began dating his fuckbuddies following the shootout and then he surpassed Drew Pickles as the gayest man in the history of the universe, but Drew would ultimately win the title back in 1978 after taking 4500 cocks up his ass (back then a small amount was fucking huge).

Mike Vale - Mike is the second gayest of the group. He has had a fetish for big long dongs up his ass and is in a sexual relationship with Peter Panda. He likes fucking Tommy in the ass.

Eddie Gray - Eddie is the least gayest person of the group. He has a giant fetish for smelly ballsacks in his mouth and is in a sexual relationship with One Direction.

Peter Lucia - Peter was the fourth gayest. He had a fetish for himself. He died in 1997 as a result of a heart attack and nonstop projectile vomiting from witnessing lesbian sex. The Betty Bunch stated that they had nothing to do with his death.