Toshiyuki Aoshima

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Aoshima driving his penis car.
Toshiyuki Aoshima (pro. toh-shee-yoo-kee ah-oh-shee-mah), also known as Aoshitter, (b. January 26, 1988) is a member of the Barney Bunch and one of Keiichi Morisato's best butt-buddies. He is the president of Aoshitter Automobile, the biggest manufacturer of penis cars in Drewland, as well as a gay pimp, which means he is pretty rich. He also gets extra income from making swell gay pornos. Many Drewlanders, including Drew Pickles and Ned Flanders, think his glasses are very swell. He also finds Keiichi very sexy, in fact, Aoshima is so aroused by him, he would deliberately crash his penis car into trees, lamp-posts, hedges, brick walls, etc. and take it to Lou's Magic Wrench, just so he can have hot sweaty gay buttsex with Keiichi after it gets fixed. Just like Keiichi, Aoshima also hates Belldandy with a passion and he wants to kill her, but that won't happen, since Belldandy, being a Mary-Sue"goddess", is immortal and cannot be killed (or at least not by a mortal). He also hates his nasty gold-digging cunt of a cousin Sayoko Mishima (can't blame him).