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"Well, being in their army isn't too bad after all..." ~Trixie glad to see Discord, her sugar daddy.

"The Great and Powerful Trixie" is a member of The Betty Bunch. She likes to brag to everyone about how powerful she is. She became bisexual after too many people said that they did not like her. She recently was mad at Twilight Sparkle for saying she was more powerful than her; they later became friends. She wants to use her magic on Drew Pickles to make him straight and have sex with her. However, she is always unable to meet him. She is a spellcaster, whose magical powers and philandry were recently acknowledged by The M-san Bunch. But, her narcissism prevents her from becoming more than a troop in "Der Führer's Army". She fantasizes about having her milky C-cup equine breasts suckled by Spirit and/or Twilight Sparkle, but the former doesn't take kindly to her being a Betty Bunch member.