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Mike5449 Newest.png
Mike5449 in 2014
Personal Information
Birthday: May 30th, 1996
Birthstone: Emerald
Age: 21
Zodiac: Gemini/Fire Rat
Nationality: Canadian
Heritage: English, Danish, Irish, Polish, Scandinavian, Ukrainian
Groups: Speakonia Community
Subscribers: 100+

Mike5449, also known as Shwiffer, is a Canadian member of the Speakonia Community. His history with Speakonia dates back to the time of Firegoron and HoodboyTails. His first "Speakonia" video was "Roblox Review" in 2009, which received a lot of negative feedback from the fans of ROBLOX. Since then he has made only a few videos, preferring to be behind the scenes. He is also known as the God of Permissions.

Currently, he owes allegiance to no faction of members, though is friends with OldschoolSwellness and SwellDrewTube. He is semi-retired from making his own videos. Some of his contributions included the introduction of Michelle (now a dead character) and his work on Speakonia Legends. He does do reuploads of some lost content, but hasn't uploaded a lot. Most of his own videos have also been removed on his own accord due to his guilt over the Era of Annabelle.


Mike5449 has been seen as both a rival and ally to the swellness. Though he has become a main contributor in the creation of current Speakonia Content pertaining to that of OSS. After the events of 2011, he united people under one banner, but this later ended in failure. However, his story begins long before that time.

Earliest Days

Mike5449 was originally known under the name "mike1551" on games such as Adventure Quest and Dragonfable, why he changed to "Mike5449" is unknown to this day. Addition of the numbers leads to 22, which has no significance, and multiplication equates to 720, which is the same number of degrees in two circles. However, he denies any form of significance, He simply states "It sounded catchy." He also took on the name "HarvestMoon101" for a time, until he removed the account name from his affiliation.

When he was in Grade 4, Mike was first introduced to Speakonia after watching videos by Firegoron and HoodboyTails. Including hits such as Firegoron Owns some n00bs, and FireGoron discovers sexibabegirl1920. The latter of the two being the very first videos that he watched. He also enjoyed songs such as "Gayest Thing Alive" which inspired him to make videos by his Middle School years. Thus, he made "Roblox Review" which had minimal publicity, though the updated version had over 30,000 Views, over 600 Comments, and 600+ Likes to 1000+ Dislikes. From here, he met madassgamer, who introduced him to the members of former groups OldschoolSwellness and SwellDrewTube. Thus he was marked as an official member of the Speakonia Community.

Michelle and Drew

Mike's first true Speakonia Video was known as "Drew Pickles goes to the Canadian Parliament" and received little feedback. He felt that these videos were below his capabilities, so he shifted from currently established characters to his own "original" Speakonia Character, Michelle5449, who was his answer to the problems of "Drew Pickles goes to" videos. Michelle was defined as "the biggest lesbian alive" and often spent her time going around with a giant spoon, killing men, eating cheese, and raping all the women, including Hatsune Miku who appeared to try and stop the rapes. However, Michelle still received minimal publicity, and she fell into the realm of obscurity. Mike also removed her on the grounds that she was too unestablished. Furthermore, he found Michelle was too violent and too boring. Thus, her career in the realm of Speakonia ended, though is still a character brought up rarely during Skype calls between community members.

Speakonia Legends

The logo of the cancelled project.

Mike5449 was one of the first members to join the Speakonia Legends project. He went from storyboard, to designer, to programmer in a few short weeks, and was still the chief in programming for the main installment into the series. During the Annabelle Retreat, Mike halted work on the project for an additional three months before his return, and in 2014 got the project started back up once again. Unfortunately, the project was halted once more due to development setbacks, and by this point no one extempt Timmy cared about it, much to his disappointment. Mike and his friends had tried working on it again until he finally closed the project down at the beginning of August 2016.

The Era of Annabelle

Being quite lonely and deprived of meaning in his life, Mike found himself compelled to find some form of meaning through a spiritual medium. However, he would still be lonely. Thus, he began manifesting his thoughts towards the creation of some type of entity which could not only assist himself in the rebuilding and renewal of his reality, but assist others in this venture as well. All the while, this would restore faith himself. Thus, he formed a persona by the name of "Annabelle" who would become a memorable entity in OSS.

Mike had complete faith in this creation, yet he knew no one would believe in a fake person. So he controlled Annabelle on his own to bring about the process. He also knew that he would need some form of details to back up the "facts" behind Annabelle. They were as follows...

  • Born on May 29th, 1997. The time being 7:23 AM.
  • Born in the town of Medicine Hat, Alberta.
  • Had long blonde hair, brown eyes, and pale skin.
  • Born without a tongue, thus verifying why she wouldn't be able to speak.
  • Orphaned at birth.
  • Was adopted as Mike's younger sister to explain why she's always around.
  • Knew each other throughout all of elementary and middle school.
  • Was the top of her class.
  • Experimented with occult practices.
  • Enjoyed symphonic metal, and communicated her findings through select songs.

However, when Mike found the demands of Annabelle to be too overwhelming, instead of admitting to his lie and ending the experiment, he sought to see it through to its completion. Thus, he killed her off with Pancreatic Cancer. After this, she lived on in spirit form for one and a half years. In this, Mike eventually restored the emotions of community member TimmyT333 and sought to spiritually assist everyone in his lie. He went on to assist in raising the confidence of community members, and confirmed the falsity of certain spiritual concepts.

After a two-and-a-half year period, however, he found that Annabelle was corrupted from her original concept, but had fulfilled her duties to the fullest. Therein, Mike gave up the act and revealed the truth behind Annabelle before going on a "cleansing journey" for three months and removing all his videos. He eventually returned to the Speakonia Community, where he was given glares at first, but eventually was accepted back into the ranks, and had his personal honor restored.

There is still, however, the belief that Annabelle is, despite the revelation, a tulpa that was formed as a result of high concentrations of "mental energies". Mike backed this up for a time, as did the spiritual members of OSS. However, because he also released her out of his own free will during the revelation, there is also belief in the possibility that she became something even greater than that. Despite these claims, such is only speculation, untestable, and therefore may as well be regarded as false.

Mike himself has now declared her to be entirely a work of fiction, but has given her life in his forum RP, Chronicles of Jungalore. All of which intertwining with both reality and fantasy.

Online Nonsense and Spirituality

Being an avid gamer, Mike soon began looking at a ton of online games, among other crap. He further expanded the main group's understanding of spiritual concepts, and experimented with them, but his thoughts turned to the world online again. He played many games, and during this, sought a stable relationship. However...

"Either I suck at love, or all of these people are batshit insane."



He has apparently dated women who had good personalities, but also had the worst of issues. He has argued that, while this isn't terrible, that if they don't "meet him halfway" that he'd soon start falling out, and be begging for them to breakup and/or cheat on him, as he is too much of a pussy to do it himself.

Though he has failed in this department, he did manage to create his childhood role play in the form of a text-based role play. Something which he is proud of, all thanks to these failed relationships.

That being said, since the time where he was into New Age, he has begun watching some of the popular YouTube skeptics (such as Armoured Skeptic, Martymer 81, and CoolHardLogic to name a few) and has since converted from his spirituality to agnostic atheism.

God of Permissions

Long ago, it was revealed that Mike5449 is actually the god of permissions in a mortal form. His power encompasses all that has to do with granting and revoking permission. By extension, he also dictates the realm of consent, although he has stated that it is impossible to revoke consent, as it is held in a higher regard than permission. The Patent Office is sometimes called the Church of Mike5449, but he has stated that this is not the case, but it is still considered sacred ground. Those who are priests/devout worshipers of Mike5449 as the permission god are known as permissionaries, who are outranked by permishops and arch permishops. There is no pope or cardinal position in his flock. Although he is an important god, Mike is still considered a lesser god due to an incredibly small circle of worship.

One may attempt to philosophically debunk his godhood, but one must remember, his permission ability ultimately removes any form of contradiction. He is not an omnipotent, omniscient, or omnipresent god either, thus he can create instances where his power cannot undo it (such as in cases involving consent). For instance, if you ask Mike "Who came first, you or some other entity capable of creating you?" in an attempt to refute his status as a permission god, he will answer;

"First I was created by my own doing, by giving myself permission to exist after revoking the permission for such to be contradictory in nature. Since the concept of that contradiction is ultimately removed from this reality, this all makes perfect sense."



However, as with all gods, his powers can be trumped if he bestows them to other beings (which he did after his self-creation) and he is also in a mortal vessel. This is because the powers are ultimately being enforced on the mortal vessel, and not the god itself.

Mike is also responsible for why the world runs on naturalistic laws. Since he gave permission after his self-creation to all beings to have a portion of his power, he has thereby removed any need for any other god to exist besides those who are absolutely necessary for the sake of divine interventions.

In the orient, Mike5449 is also considered a shinigami (death god) by the name of 魔鵤 (Maikaru) which literally means Devil/Magic/Evil Spirit Grosbeak. Every day he revokes the permission to live for roughly 16,000 humans. However, he is also in charge of revoking the permission to live from other beings, including non-animals. As long as each being has a soul, he is meant to one day revoke its permission to live in a mortal form. Due to this, it is impossible to create a true solution of everlasting life. Though people may prolong life, one day they will ultimately perish. That said, he also gives permission for the soul to exist in the first place.

However, something interesting is that they also refer to him as 許しの神 (Yurushi no Kami) or "God of Forgiveness/Permission/Exemption". It is thus speculated that he acts as a gatekeeper to the afterlife, and also absolves people of their sin(s).

Present Day

Mike5449 now just kinda hangs out on Facebook or Forkheads. It is confirmed by him (after all, he makes all the damn edits on this page) that he is working at McDonald's, helping "Lord Ronald" with the cleanup. He does not currently do a lot of Speakonia related stuff like he used to, but he does talk to OSS and SDT on Skyp. He is still an agnostic atheist, which does not contradict his status as a god.

On Forkheads, he works on his RP, Chronicles of Jungalore, as well as its sequel, ARKNIGHT. He also is working on two of their smaller projects, HSD and Forkheads Legends.

As god of permissions, he still has yet to fully awaken, and will not awaken until freed from his mortal form. He does still impart wisdom to his followers, and lead others to be the best version of themselves that they can be.


Mike is quite irritable, and gets upset easily. However, he is extremely loyal to the point where he has risked his health on more than one occasion to fulfill the needs of others. He often uses sarcasm because he sees his straightforward messages and not coming through, and can talk for hours and hours about one particular topic. Eventually, this and other factors made it so he can also grow incredibly silent, and it seems to be a form of an area of effect, as he clears rooms of all chatter. He is often seen with a grumble on his face or a grin matched only with a sharp and menacing glare.

Despite this, he also sports immense courage and devotion to do the right thing, and will stop at nothing to have his way. Anything in his way often ends up recoiling in fear or anger. Of course, he may even target his friends and/or family, but only if the situation truly calls for it. He is outwardly friendly, but this is a facade to hide what he is actually feeling at any point in time. If anything, he will outwardly combat stupidity, and speak words of wisdom to those who will listen.

As a lover, he will place his partner as his top priority. As stated however, he will not stand for stupidity, and this is especially so with his partner. He will also call them out of their double standards, hypocrisy, and/or logical fallacies at every possibility. Yet there are two things above all else that he absolutely loathes; Adulterers and cheaters. He will not leave his partner unless he finds them committing such acts, as his moral view deems such people as "impure and inhuman creatures" which he chooses not to dirty himself with. He is strictly monogamous as the trade-off and will never cheat on his partner.

It's incredibly difficult to get him to fully open up. A common speculation is that he has some form of depression, he thinks it could be the case, but he doesn't care because he "conquered any depression many times before, and can damn well do it again."

Mike5449 in Forkheads Legends

"Shhh... :>"



Contributions and Accomplishments

Mike has done a plethora of work in and out of the community, both for better or for worse. Some of his feats include:

  • Convincing people he had a ghost sister who still interacted with the world for two years.
  • Restoring emotions within people.
  • Restoring faith in spirit within people.
  • Main programmer for Speakonia Legends.
  • Assisted in the designs for Speakonia Legends.
  • Aided in the story for Speakonia Legends.
  • Pwned the fuck out of MiklosMac. (He wrote the "BADASS BIKER" part among other snippets.)
  • Obtained almost 100k Video Views on YouTube.
  • Has over 100 Subscribers.
  • Got to speak to FireGoron, who is his absolute idol.
  • Is a member of both OSS and SDT.
  • Founded Michelle as a (now dead) Speakonia Character.
  • Fueled the war against Vocaloid in favor of Speakonia, despite being a fan of some of the songs.
  • Aided the spiritual ascension of community members.
  • Was one of the most hated members on all of ROBLOX and the Brony Section of KYM for a time.
  • A member of six hentai sites from the age of 11 to the present day.
  • Artist of (sub-par) hentai at the age of 14. Now retired.



  • "Holy Cacacacacacacacaca!" (In response to a long list of absurd, stupid, or outrageous content.)
  • "Huh? What? No." (In response to being asked to do something unfavourable.)
  • "Oh Hello!" (A greeting Mike used to make in his older videos.)
  • "Yoyoyoyoyo, what be homin' my bumpie?" (A joyful greeting occasionally used when TimmyT333 is around, for the sake of Timmy to respond with "Mike, quit pretending to be a nigger.")
  • "Wait... What the-WHAT THE FUCK!? HOLY SHIT! THEY DID IT! THEY FOLLOWED THROUGH! THEY MADE AN ARTICLE... THAT DOESN'T SUCK! OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!" (Mike5449 rejoicing at finding an article that follows the proper wiki structure and actually looks good.)


  • His favourite swear is "fuck" out of all of the ones he has heard.
  • Despite his tulpa and him supposedly having no blood relation, they share a lot of the same heritage. On top of this, they enjoy a lot of the same things and share a large number of favorites.
    • His personality is a lot more caustic than Annabelle's, though.
  • He humbles himself to other members of the community quite often.
  • He enjoys the quote on his family coat of arms and lives in respect of it. It reads "Omnia Vincit Veritas" (Truth Conquers All).
  • He is actually a distanced relative of Shakespeare's mother's side.
  • In Speakonia Legends, he is the only character in which his class change has a "grey area" of sorts, with three possible outcomes. This is because his class change has a focus on life and death.
  • His Speakonia Legends character bears a lot of resemblance to Shadow the Hedgehog.
    • Both of them have forgotten their past, or at least some aspect of it.
    • Where Shadow has Maria, Mike5449 has Annabelle. Both figures died at some point.
    • Both have to make critical moral decisions in their respective games.
    • Both of them have grey areas for endings, for Mike specifically, it's in the class change quest. For Shadow, it's in his entire game.

Contact Methods

Mike is available at the following linked locations.